Bubble soccer and nerve ball team building and games for groups

Bubble soccer and nerve ball battle

Bubble Soccer + Battle of Nerfs

Activity description:
The Bubble Soccer + Battle of Nerfs pack is an experience for those who want to unleash all the adrenaline.
First we play Bubble Soccer a soccer game inside high quality inflatable balls that allow an incredible sensation of impact and fall, then the balls are scattered across the field that becomes the playing ground for the Nerfs battle (type paintball at adrenaline level).
So that there is no lack of animation, the event is complemented with archery and scavenger hunts/games without borders for an afternoon or a morning well spent.

  • Animation monitor;
  • Civil liability and personal accident insurance;
  • Equipment and assembly on site;
  • Possibility of being in your space;
  • Bubble Soccer + Nerfs Battle price from 18€ / person;

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