Residential Casa Alta, Ourém

Casa Alta, royal lodge Ourem

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About Residential Casa Alta, Ourém

[tab name=”Information”]The original name of Ourem was Abdegas and it remained so until D. Afonso Henriques won from the Moors in 1136, after that it was named Aurem and later Ourém.<br /> On a high plateau above the newer town of Ourém stands the old ‘original’ medieval town of Ourém which still holds the remnants of Abdegas, Aurem and Ourem surrounded by the old castle wall.

On these grounds, close to the castle, you’ll find a reclusive royal lodge originally build for queen Isabel in 1284 and likely the place that she would retreat

Queen Isabel lived from 1271 to 1336. She was a Spanish princess who married the Portuguese king D.Dinis in 1288, aged 17, in Barcelona.

She was a kind queen who set up many projects to help the poor and the poorer communities of Portugal and she is still loved throughout Portugal to this day.
After her husband’s death she didn’t remarry but she joined a convent. Because of her good deeds, her charity work and her compassion for the poor she was canonized by Pope Leo X in 1516. The lodge over time fell into disrepair and was bought by Americans who did not know what to do with it as they didn’t travel to Portugal as often as they wanted to and so they finally gave over its use to an American Roman Catholic priest named Fr. Mariani, an interesting person with great energy, intelligence, who took the royal lodge, gave it back it’s glory and turned into a magnificent award winning bed &amp; breakfast. Casa Alta Royal lodge is located in the geographical center of Portugal, and it is ideally located near many important historical and cultural sites, such as the Knights Templar castle in Tomar, the world famous Fatima Shrine, the medieval  university town of Coimbra, the royal monasteries of Baltalha and Alcobaça and an extensive excavation of the Roman town, Conimbriga.
The royal lodge has the most perfect location, next to the beautiful castle of Ourém with one of the most breath taking views over the surrounding valleys and mountains and it’s a wonderful place to stay and enjoy the many historical and natural wonders it is surrounded with. Fr. Mariani has done an amazing job in rehabilitating the royal lodge and regaining a royal (medieval) atmosphere, each room is individually decorated and has a private bathroom. Each room has it’s fireplace and wood to burn. More so Fr. Mariani is a pleasant and interesting host who will help your stay become even more pleasant. Because of it’s age the rooms are small as all rooms where in these times but they are very comfortable, the furniture is all authentic, the views as stated before are amazing, the garden and terrace full with flowers, herbs and little secluded areas to sit and relax. We especially loved all the details, from the flowers, to the paintings and art objects spread throughout the entire lodge.<br /> You don’t need to be religious to enjoy staying at this wonderful place.[/tab]

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