Quinta do Portal, Casa das Pipas Douro wine tasting

Quinta do Portal Douro wine tasting

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The Douro wine region is roughly 250,000 acres of wine producing land starting at Porto and situated around the Douro river. This region produces some of the most famous Portuguese wines and it is considered the first region in the world to be demarcated in 1756 to guarantee and protect the quality of the wine.

The quinta do Portal is one of its renowned wine producers, it produces quality Douro wines, Port and Moscatel some of some of the wines it produces are COLHEITA, RESERVA, GRANDE RESERVA, AURU, SINGLE VARIETAL WINES, BI-VARIETAL WINES, MURAL, FRONTARIA, LATE HARVEST, FÉMINA. Many of which have won awards of distinction over the years.

The Farm, all located in the river valley Pinion, at Cima-Corgo, and the land  guarantees the quality of our wines. With an area of approximately 100 hectares of vineyards, ranging between 200 and 550 meters above sea level, and virtually all sun exposure, creates a grape to create exceptional wines within the various types and categories that the Quinta produces.
As a curiosity the quinta has Touriga Nacional planted on all ther estates.

At Casa das Pipas we have gathered at a unique place to experience the double essence of the Douro valley: The Vine and the Wine.
The house is located between the vineyards. Vineyards that are so close we can almost touch them from the terrace or the pool deck.
There are magnificent views of the mountainous Douro cutting the horizon and challenging the sky.
Our offer is complemented with Casa do Lagar, that results from the restoration of a traditional olive oil mill and press.

The quinta offers wine tasting, lodging and a culinary restaurant that has received various silver medals thanks to the amazing talent of it´s young chef!

Prices of the wine tasting start at 5 euro per person, reservation is highly advisable!

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For questions or reservations, use the following form or call us 00351 - 918354714 / 00351 938328865
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Preços / Prices
Prova do Douro / Douro Wine Tasting
Portal Douro Tinto Colheita
Moscatel Mural
Portal Fine Tawny Port
Preço / Price: € 5 por pessoa / per person
Descubra o Douro Branco / Discover the White Douro
Mural Branco
Moscatel Douro Portal
Portal Fine White Port
Preço / Price: € 7 por pessoa / per person
O Sabor dos Reservas / The flavour of the Reserves
Portal Douro Tinto Reserva
Moscatel Douro Portal Reserva
Portal 6 Barrels
Preço / Price: € 10 por pessoa / per person
Espírito do Douro / Spirit of the Douro
Portal Douro Tinto Grande Reserva
Moscatel Douro Portal Reserva
Portal LBV Port
Preço / Price: € 12 por pessoa / per person (mínimo 4 pessoas / minimum 4 people)
A Trilogia Portal / The Portal Trilogy
Portal Douro Tinto Colheita
Portal Douro Tinto Reserva
Portal Douro Tinto Grande Reserva
Preço / Price: € 10 por pessoa / per person (mínimo de 4 pessoas / minimum 4 people)
Prova de Portos / Ports tasting (White / Tawny / Ruby)
Portal Fine White
Portal 10 Anos
Preço / Price: € 12 por pessoa / per person


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