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Castle of Saint George

The Castle of Saint George is on the highest point of Lisbon and overlooks most of the city. The castle has had an important position in the reconquista and legend has it that Matim Moniz gave his life to aid the christians back into the castle and win it back from the moors in 1147 during the siege of Lisbon.
The castle has undergone many additions and rebuild over time after having being partly destroyed in earthquakes and due to loss of interest when Manuel 1 build his new palace ‘Ribeira palce’ on the edge of the Tagus river.
Currently the castle is a peaceful retreat from the busy chaotic city of Lisbon, it’s large grounds give a pleasant walk and amazing views over the city. The Moorish influences are evident in it’s architecture as is the Chrisitan stamp.

There are many stone tables and benches to sit and have a pick nick but you can also use the restaurant for drinks or meals.
Generally you will find people on the grounds singing fado or playing guitar.


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