City tales – team building – create a city documentary in teams

City tales is an exciting team building which stimulates collaboration, management, analytical strategies, and creativity while teams work together towards a final result.

The group will be split into teams of 6 – 10 members and each team will be responsible for the creation of a part of the group effort.

Using tabs to film and a choice of themes, they will visit certain parts of the city to create 5 – 10 minutes of film or a photo series of 20 to 40 photos covering the challenges included in the chosen theme.

Our guides will be available during the challenge to aid the teams with the production.

At the end of the challenge, the themes efforts are put together and presented as a documentary. Awards are given to the 3 best teams.

This challenge is available in Porto, Lisbon, and Evora for other cities please contact us.
If you are interested in a more extended version of this team building using professional camera crews, please follow this link, Film team building with Go Discover Portugal >>
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