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Treasure hunt Lisbon

Lisbon city treasure hunt is a team building on foot through Lisbon. Based on riddles, pictures, map indications and puzzles, your team or teams can collaborate or compete on an exciting journey on foot or using public transport, tuks or bicycles to find treasure spread throughout the city.

This team-building concentrates on collaboration, problem-solving, leadership and team effort while teams discover Lisbon views, monuments, foods, drinks, and culture.

The challenges are bespoke and adjusted to the interests of your group available for groups of 30 – 450.

Get to know each other, work together and Go Discover Lisbon!

Prices start at 35 Euro ex VAT.

Languages available are English, Dutch, French and Portuguese. For other options please ask.


For availability and options, please call 00351 918354714 or use the form below.

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