Coasteering Madeira, Portugal

Coasteering Madeira

Situated in the eastern part of the Island of Madeira, Ponta de São Lourenço, natural reserve since 1982, presents a unique landscape, very different from the rest of the Island, with stunning rock formations, several endemic plants and the water from the sea are crystal clear, so this spot presents the ideal conditions for the practice of coasteering.
The coasteering consists in exploring the maritime coast through walking, swimming, climbing and jumps, summarising everything we did during childhood but larger and with appropriate equipment and with supervision of guides. It is an appropriate activity for all ages, since the more afraid up to more adventurous, as it adapts to the profile of each person. We have jumps from 1 meter until 10 meters, all are optional and only done following the correct instruction and safety regulations. This activity is adjusted to the capacity and wishes of the participants.
Activity of 3 hours (4 the 5 hours from the hotel and back to the hotel)
Min: 2 persons | Max: 8 persons (regular tour)
Price per person: 60€ (Includes: transfer, insurance, pictures of the tour, individual equipment, water and chocolate, 2 certificated guides).
Should Bring: sneakers, a swimsuit and a towel.


Custom coasteering tours on request!

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