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Coasteering Arrabida 30 km from Lisbon

Coastering Arrabida

Coasteering Arrabida 30 km from Lisbon

Coasteering is an exciting new adventure sport, based on canyoning along the coast.

It consists off climbing along the coastal rocks, submerging into the water, abseiling and finding your way through the grotto’s along the  coast of the amazing natural park of Arrabida 30km from Lisbon.

The difficulty level is adjusted to the level of the participants and during the entire event a support boat and crew accompany the teams.

Coasteering in the Arrabida natural park is conducted by a group of professional instructors who where the first to provide coasteering in Portugal.

This activity great to conduct in a private group but there are also sessions organized at certain times of the year that can be joined by individuals.
Private sessions are available for 2 to 40 pax. Rotaition for larger groups is available.

It is also a lovely and exciting way to experience one of the most beautiful coastlines of Sesimbra in its natural park of Arrabida.

It can be done at any time of year when the sea is not to wild

You should bring casual footwear that can get wet (sticky soles Tennis), old trunks to wear over the neoprene, bathing suit, towel, sunscreen and a change of clothes to wear after activity.
We also suggest you bring  gloves to protect the hand from the rugged stone edges.
If you have long hair should bring a rubber band to hold the hair.
You need to be able to swim.

The price includes: Insurance, Coasteering equipment, Fully qualified guide

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