Cocorico French Portugal! Sophisticated Food Encounters You’ll Cherish

Location: Oporto center

Cocorico Porto

With France and Portugal intertwined, this restaurant breaths sophistication in its decor and food that promise luxurious tabling events to cherish

The restaurant Cocorico, with its Parisian brasserie air, symbolizes the incessant journey between Paris and Porto.

In the restaurant the atmosphere is intimate, colorful and bright. With its many glass partitions, the restaurant evokes the trip and the meal aboard Oriente Express.

At the table, French cuisine and Portuguese wines intertwine to give the best of both countries. The menu, idealized by Flora Mikula and orchestrated by a local-accented chef, focuses on traditional dishes of French bourgeois cuisine served in beautiful casseroles and cast iron dishes: Burgundy meat, snails and still beautiful desserts that form a round of flavors enhanced by the strength and elegance of the sunny wines of the Douro Valley.

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