CSR Team building, help to replant the Portuguese forests, plant a tree

Reforestation team building

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CSR corporate social responsibility, Environmental & Charity Team buildings in Portugal are a great way to create tight and functional team buildings and team bonding while doing good, learning sustainable practices and creating a feeling of accomplishment for your teams

Tree planting is a fabulous way to teach sustainability and have a positive impact on the country you are visiting

Planting trees is a social responsibility

Replanting the forest that was once native to Portugal is a very actual and social issue in the Portuguese mainland. Portugal’s indigenous trees have been replaced by foreign species such as eucalyptus as part of the paper and wood industries that were a main source of income in past decades.
These forests have proven disastrous for the Portuguese ecosystem robbing the earth of its natural nutrients, causing an imbalance in nature and been major fire hazards and the cause of many of the last year’s wildfires.

Who guides these team buildings?

In collaboration with plant a tree, a non-profit organization for reforestation, Go Discover Portugal has created a team-building in which your teams take part in this process, plant trees as working teams, learn about the environment and better team effort.

“The native forest guarantees a huge diversity of services of the ecosystems, such as the control of soil erosion, hydric regulation and water filtration, the recycling of nutrients, soil formation, carbon sequestration, filtration of air pollutants, the smoothing of the climate, production of feedstock, reduction of fire and flood risks, reinforce a higher resilience to fire, as well as the improvement of people’s life quality, contributing to our health, social equilibrium and even economical vitality.

The importance of any indigenous plant species comes from its adequate environmental behaviour, in terms of protection and recovery of the biodiversity and the ecological systems, allied to its own ecological sustainability.

We act knowing that a positive, ecological and interventive attitude is the essence of a global change.”

Possible course of this team building

Your teams guided by our professionals will replant these areas, they will learn about indigenous European species and how they balance the ecosystem avoiding fire and earth erosion.

They will plant their own areas, create a concept and market their ideas in a half or full-day activity. At the end of the day, the winning teams will be awarded.

The forest will be left to grow and your teams will have a photo series to commemorate their participation in helping bring natures balance back.

The locations are village lands and farmlands owned by locals who do not have the provisions or capabilities to replant their land.

The benefits for your teams

Individuals tend to Feel more valued when doing something good for each other or the environment
As teams work together to achieve a charitable goal the individual egos become of less importance, this role play may well set patterns for future behaviour in the office
Higher awareness about sustainability and its importance in our lives
Stronger bonds and better communication between team members

This is an excellent team-building to create better team collaboration and bonding, create more environmental awareness in the office and have a wonderful and rewarding day in Portugal’s amazing rural landscapes.

We provide the transfers, guides, event management and Lunch and all trees, materials and equipment necessary.
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