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CSR corporate social responsibility, Environmental & Charity Team buildings in Portugal are a great way to create tight and functional team buildings and team bonding while doing good, learning sustainable practices and creating a feeling of accomplishment for your teams

Charity and Environmental consciousness integrated into your team building

Giving to charity boosts everyones moral and feeling of happiness. Many researches have been done to test the effect of charity on the giver as well as the receiver.
Most conclude that giving creates a feeling of well being, accomplishment and therefore they help promote happiness.

A quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson explains this process very well, “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”

There are many articles to be found on the effects of charity on the giver. Research suggest charitable people have lower stress levels, healthier bodies and a higher level of happiness. Groups working together to help charitable cause are stronger bonded, communicate better and have a higher sense of unity and communication as a whole.

While helping others as a form of CSR team building it is a great way to boost the moral of the entire team. Concentrating on environmental topics, green solutions and corporate social responsibility, can help establish a higher awareness and a feeling of responsibility within your team.

Charitable team building

There are many forms of charitable team building imaginable some straight forward for instance the packing of boxes with school materials for children in need to the gathering of food and preparation of food to take to the centers of welfare for the poor. To more complex scenarios were teams are expected to create plans of solutions for social issues accompanied by professionals the best plan wins a prize but so does the best execution and the most creative solution.

Please note the we work with real organisations and that all the donated items do not get reused an are given to those who need it which we document for your use after the event

Some suggestions may include packing schoolbags for children, creating food packages, cooking a meal for charity, a meal that is donated to families in need, reforestation, collecting or building toys, to name a few.

School bag collection team building
70 schoolbags for 5 children’s homes in Central Portugal Ranir team building 2019 – have fun & make a difference

Reforestation team building

Reforestation of burned lands large groups of up to 400 pax at various locations around Portugal

Farm day, a day with fresh air learning sustainability 

This activity is best suited to medium and large groups. Spend time in nature on a farm learning sustainability, sustainable planting practises, chemical free veg production, preparation of land and water management.

this activity takes place on a farm that practises sustainable food production, water saving against drought, removal of invasive plants and planting of native species as land management

This team building is both educative and fun 

it consists of working on a sustainable farm with varying chores from clearing invasive species to planting and harvesting vegetables and herbs that have been grown naturally without chemicals or monoculture
each team will be challenged with various challenges in and around the farm in which execution and timing are critical
At certain times of the year tree planting of native species which are better suited to drought and fire protection is included
Trash collection, digging and clearing can be included depending on location, group wishes (light activities / more heavy activity and the needs of the farm chosen
included are snacks and drinks (non alcoholic are provided) gloves, tools

Prepare a meal for the homeless and families in need 

This activity is suitable for small groups of 12 – 40 pax. It consists of shopping for products, preparation of the meals in a restaurant or local kitchen, packaging for delivery to the food bank or distribution to families in need. Use the form or contact for more information on this activity.

Dog kennel construction – team building for Cisco Systems. 70 pax 7 teams, 7 kennels built and donated to 3 different shelters

Dog kennel building CSR Team Building

Inform about possibilities by using the form or call us 00351 938328865
Tuk Challenge Lisbon Team building

Care boxes buying packing and distributing care boxes for people in need

Win or donate restaurant meals for the homeless

This team building challenges your teams to develop a system for donation of meals to the homeless of Portugal. the results will be the real donation of meals. contact us for a fitting solution and possibilities for this beneficial and challenging team building

Environmental team building

Environmental team buildings give your team members the possibility to get in contact with nature and the environment and work together to better it. In simple forms of this could be:
Planting trees in areas that have been affected by fires.
Cleaning areas that have been polluted by domestic waste for instance beaches and parks.
Recycling team buildings in which discarded goods are redesigned to be usable and many other workshops are given in the cities and on the landscapes of Portugal.
These team buildings are hands-on workshops available in simple structures but we also create advanced workshops in which solutions need to be created.

CSR Beach cleaning activity >>
Garbage & plastic collection - CSR Beach cleaning team building

CSR reforesting Portugal, Team buiding

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