Duetos da Sé, Alfama, Lisbon

Location: Alfama, Lisbon

Duetos da Sé, restaurant ./ bar, Alfama Lisbon

Duetos da Sé bar restaurant Alfama, a restaurant in the old historical center located on a winding medieval street so typical of this neigbourhood. Its a place where music, food, wine and art meet in a cultural and historical surrounding.

The Duetos da Sé is the perfect place in this bustling, lively area for small events, dinner, petiscos (Tapas) and music venues for groups of up to 45 people.

By alleys and narrow streets
As far as the eye can reach,
I embrace with excitement
The gentle and wild soul of those who live here.

Alfama calls for me
And insists on telling long ago History.

Sung banns,
Neighbours peeping out.
Memory from the land,
Memory from the sea.

(…) There, by the Sé …
– Neighbor ?! Have you heard?
There are new people in the quarter,
In the Travessa do Almargem,
Where sweethearts have fallen in love and got engaged.

The windows half-opened,
The matriarches call the children for dinner
And all the sounds bleed into one.

Carlos Lala, a man of vision,
He has grown wings and is making his dream come true.

There, by the Sé,
Alfama is before one’s eyes.
If you come across The Duets, please come in!
Let yourself inebriate with the sounds,
And have a drink with pleasure …

All this,
In The Duets, in Alfama!
(of course …)

For groups of to 45 people, group menus or event possibilities, please call or use the form below.

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