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Equine Assisted training, Portuga

Equine Assisted training for Corporate Leadership and Team Building, Portugal

Equine Assisted training for Corporate Leadership and Team Building, Portugal are cutting edge training and team building methods to assist teams working in cooperation with horses to achieve learning, leadership and team building goals.

Equine assisted training better communications, confidence, assertiveness, self esteem, creativity, relationships and leadership.

Participants work together as a team to find solutions with an emphasis on positive communication and cooperation.
Horses are team players in which leadership plays a very important part. Leadership in horse terms cannot be won or demanded but is a natural aspect of each herd member and each horse within the herd will develop its leadership capacity based on its talent and how it contributes to the survival of the herd. As horses don’t have a strong hierarchal order their communication is very much based on helping each other to better the herd.

Activities with horses create a unique situation in which teams develop various skills based on their interaction with the horses and each other as a team. The trainings help to better communications, confidence, assertiveness, self esteem, creativity, relationships and leadership.

Herd communication relies largely on non verbal communication in which body language plays an important role. The Equine Assisted trainings do not teach horse riding or horsemanship but are based on communication and collaboration with the horses to create trust, collaboration, understanding and non verbal communication.

All team members have talents and individuality, Equine assisted training can help develop these so they create the benefit not only for the individual but also for the team

Each horse has its own personality and what works for one may not work for the other. Human Team work in the same way what may work for one team member may not work for another. During this training each talent will get a chance to be exposed and team members will leave with a better understanding of the other members but also a greater understanding of themselves. Members learn how they interact or fail to interact in a positive pro active surrounding. These aspects make these training a valuable asset for any corporation helping to make team s more productive, happy and efficient.

In Portugal these trainings exist for a one day team building to a 2 day management course. Transfer from Lisbon is included. Lunch, dinner and accommodation can be arranged.
The farm is an extended farm in a rural location where the horses live in a natural surrounding as a herd free to roam the terrain in the same way they would have if they were wild.

Languages spoken are English and German.
Our coaches are Certified Equine Specialist from corporate management and marketing backgrounds, we take the utmost care to create a safe environment and nobody is forced to take part in anything they are nervous about.


“At the end of the day I felt I had gained a better understanding of myself, my role, my communication skills and how I interact with others.”

“I felt myself go on a roller coaster of emotions, old fears coming up followed by renewed and stronger confidence in myself as a result of accepting those emotions within me.”

“The horses and our hosts touched our hearts and heads and we left having learned new things about ourselves and each other. I truly believe that there is not one person out there who wouldn’t benefit from time.”

“With the help of horses I learned that when I’m not able to say clearly what I want, the horse will react differently then I wanted or even will not do one step forward, the perfect mirror for my daily life.”

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