Espaco Lisboa restaurant, Lisbon

Location: Alcantara, Lisbon

espaco Lisboa

Those who descend the seven hills and head toward the Tagus, discover the new effervescence of the city where restaurants, cafes and bars had invaded this area of Lisbon.

Continuing on to the Maritime Terminal of Alcântara, full of paintings by Almada Negreiros, we know that we are in a gallant part of the city where small houses from the end of the century come to view.

However, a different type of space emerges here. An incomparable and charismatic spot: Espaço Lisboa.

This restaurant can host up to 230 guests and is ideal for corporate events, weddings and private events. Please see below a choice of menus for groups or request a taylor made solution for your event by using the form below or calling 918354714 (note prices subject to availability and group size.

Menu for groups above 120pax 2016 (Note for groups larger than 120pax the space will be completely dedicated to the group and menu option 3 is relevant)

The menus include: Couvert: Two types of Homemade Bread, Aromatic Olive oil and Olives, Drinks: Waters, White or Red House Wine (1/2 jar per person) or Soft Drinks, Coffee or Tea
The wine is served in a jar since it comes directly from the producer, if you wish to have a bottled wine, it have an increase of 1.50 Euros per person. Changes or suggestions of menus will be enjoyed together and treated on a case by case basis.
Vegetarian menus on request and will be chosen to the price of the other.
Groups exceeding 121 participants should be uniquely with exclusivity, customer-chosen
menus and treated on a case by case basis.




Starters (Choice of one)

Peixinhos da Horta”

Spiced veal balls Option

Main course

FISH (Choice of one)

Cod Fish with cream with Green Salad


MEAT (Choice of one)

Roast pork loin in a wood-burning oven with potatoes, peppered with ginger

Sliced thin in Peru hunting sausage sauce accompanied with mashed peas and fragrant with Mint da “Ribeira”

DESSERTS (Choice of one)

Burned Cream Milk

Rice Pucdding with Cinammon



Starters (Choice of one)

Mussels to space Lisbon

Cod salad with chickpeas and parsley Fish

FISH (Choice of one)

Grilled fish market with potatoes and Broccoli

Rice with fish of the day with shrimp


MEAT (Choice of one)

Chicken Breast with wild Palm

Black pork tenderloin with clam to Bouillon and accompanied by “migas” rapini

Tournedo of veal with wild rice, potatoes, mustard sauce and vegetable

DESSERTS (Choice of one)

Chocolate Cake dipped in cream

Puff with pineapple and dates



Starter (Choice of one)

Portuguese Snacks: octopus salad, smoked salmon and cheese, cod fritters, tuna salad with

Goat cheese au gratin with cashews and spinach baby

Trilogy of lettuce with bacon, pine nuts in balsamic vinaigrette

Main course FISH (Choice of one)

Fresh cod confit on a bed of spinach

Grouper Tranche of minis and curry sauce loaf of

Fresh tuna braseado with sesame seed crust, Apple sauce, salad and mango curry

Main course MEAT (Choice of one)

Roasted milk Lamb with port wine from the wood-fired oven, with baby potatoes and rapini

Roast beef of calf with migas of asparagus wrapped in yogurt sauce

Beef Sirloin in port wine and potato gratin

Desserts (Choice of one)

Farófias with cream and cinnamon

Ice cream with berries

Rice pudding perfumed conventual



Extra options

APERITIFS/DIGESTIVES (1 drink per person)

Simple Aperitif

Water – Mineral, Sparkling – Soft Drinks – Beer- Dry Snacks

Price Per Person: 5,00 €/pax

Wine Aperitif

Porto Wine Red or White – Moscatel Wine from Setúbal – Red or White House Wine – Orange Juice – Dry Snacks

Price Per Person: 8,00 €/pax

Bistro Aperitif

Porto Wine Taylor’s Dry – White Wine Monte Velho – Red Wine Monte Velho – Orange Juice – Dry Snacks

Price Per Person: 9,00 €/pax

Cheers Aperitif

Portuguese Sparkling Wine – White wine Planalto – Orange Juice – Dry Snacks

Price Per Person: 11,00 €/pax


Open Bar

Porto Wine Red or White – Red or White Wine – Portuguese Sparkling Wine – Beer – Soft Drinks – Water – Mineral, Sparkling

Price per Person: 12,00 €/pax/hour

Executive Open Bar

Martini Red or White – Gin – Vodka – Rum – Young Whisky – Orange Juice – Beer – Soft Drinks – Water – Mineral, Sparkling

Price per Person: 18,00 €/pax/hour

Executive Wine Open Bar

Porto Wine Red or White – Red or White Wine – Portuguese Sparkling Wine – Martini Red or White – Gin – Vodka – Rum – Young Whisky – Orange Juice – Beer – Soft Drinks – Water – Mineral, Sparkling

Price per Person: 20,00 €/pax/hour

Champagne Open Bar

Water – Mineral, Sparkling – Champagne

Price per Person: 21,00 €/pax/hour

For guarantee of exclusivity services, should be made a deposit (50% of the value of the service) shall be paid by no later than 60 days from the date the event, under penalty of the same not be considered, since we have to inform our clients.

A 50% down payment is required and full payment up to one week prior to the event.

All pre-order reservations are valid for one month, at the end of which are automatically void.

The passages of pre-booking for reservations will only be accepted with a deposit of 50% of the value of the service and upon our acceptance of your confirmation, otherwise never be considered recently.

Payment of the remaining value of the service will have to be paid by bank transfer or check



For questions or reservations, use the following form or call us 00351 - 918354714 / 00351 938328865

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