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Experience Lisbon on a Gocar tour

Experience Lisbon on a Gocar tour!

You may have heard of or seen these little life size toy cars driving through Lisbon, now you can reserve these cars on Go Discover Portugal!

Gocar is a unique new and modern way of seeing Lisbon, relaxed without the hassle of loosing your way or the parking problems associated with the gigantic traffic in this hectic city.

The cars have an advanced GPS system on-board that will guide you through the parts of the city that you want to see.

The tours are possible in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and German.

The copmany offers different tours around different parts of Lisbon city


This tour route goes through the Eastern side of the city, dominated by the Castle and includes some of Lisbon most breathtaking highlights.

Alfama, Graça, Sao Jorge Castle, Baixa, the Pantheon, discovering the real inside of one of the few European capitals with both a coast line and a river. It provides several detour options that include the unique opportunity to see the private, secluded areas of Lisbon ancient neighbourhoods!

This tour takes about 45 minutes to do!


This tour through the west city center, shows you urban layouts of Lisbon’s historical past, its hills and breathtaking views. You will climb and descent the narrow medieval streets passing many cultural and historical sites like Amalia Rodrigues Museum, Sao Luis Teather, Bairro Alto, the Botanic Garden,Camoes Plaza and Chiado, all the while discovering the real scoop of one of the few European capitals with both a coast line and a river.

This tour takes about 45 minutes to do!


This tour route guides you along the city’s shoreline to the district of Belem (pronounced behlang) . Belém is the prominant remains of Portugal’s Golden Age of seafaring and discovery and the site where the famous navigators set sail to discover the world.

Today it is a spacious green suburb with many gardens, parks and monuments that are well worth a visit. Amongst Belém’s Tour attractions are the Jerónimos Monastery, the Monument to the Discoveries, Torre de Belém, Belém Cultural Centre and here you can taste the world-famous Belem pastries made in the original Belem pastry factory!

This tour takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to do!

Lisbon Tours – Belem


This tour takes you through the most modern part of Lisbon, the Park of Nations (Parque das Nações) build to host the World Exposition of 1998. The park is now a place of modern commerce, architecture and leisure and you will find here the famous Lisbon Oceanarium and many great restaurants and bars.

This tour takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to do!

The prices of the cars are 29 euro for the first hour Than 5 euro per every extra 15 minutes.

A full day costs 99 euro.

Each car fits 2 people.

To reserve please use the reservation form or call 00351 918354714.

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