Ferroviario rooftop bar & restaurant Lisbon

Location: Santa Apolonia, Lisbon

Ferroviario rooftop bar & restaurant Lisbon

The Ferroviario rooftop bar & restaurant was officially born in 1961, to host a series of events promoted by the Portuguese rail and the CP Administration, but it was in 2010 that it became an open bar / terrace and stage with  one of the best views of Lisbon.

The RAILWAY was returned to Lisbon with new management, new decoration, new programming and new letter.

The renovated space, consisting of two independent stages, 500m2 open-air terrace, bar and concert hall, hosts a new program highlighting emerging talents of the city, from areas as varied as music or cinema, including photographs , painting, the fine arts, gastronomy, and others.

The space lends itself perfectly for dinners, dancing and events.

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