Garbage & plastic collection – CSR Beach cleaning team building

Garbage & plastic collection - CSR Beach cleaning team building

As part of our CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility team buildings – the beach team building is one very relevant to our current times.

Over decades plastic has been gathering in the ocean and on the beaches of the Portuguese west coast and the southern beaches of the Algarve. This activity consists of helping to clean these beaches.

Plastic is a very big threat to sea life and all of nature

The plastic pollution that has been going on for decades has washed into the sea and returns to the beaches. We are all familiar with the images of sea life choking in plastic, entangled in plastic and full of plastic and recently we have learned that plastic has found its way to the deepest parts of the ocean, a problem which is very worrisome and that we haven’t fully grasped the implications of.

Awareness of the vast amounts of plastic on our beaches creates a sense of reality about the plastic problem we are facing.

As a team-building working together in gathering the trash, digging it out of the sand and delivering it to be properly disposed of will create a large sense of bonding between teams, a sense of accomplishment accompanies the awareness which will travel back with the participants to the office and into their homes.

A blueprint of the day –
– Transfer from the hotel to the chosen beach
– Briefing and sharing of materials used
– Team start gathering the rubbish and filling the bags
– (plastic free) Picnic lunch with an evaluation of the activity
– Afternoon can be gathering more trash, a team building based on avoiding trash and waste, beach games or other combined activity
– Evaluation and awards
– Transfer back to the hotel or a location of choice

Guides and safety included

PLEASE NOTE: Beach cleaning can only be done safely at certain times of the year and in some seasons due to rogue waves and unpredictable tides, can be very dangerous. Beach cleaning is only ever done with fully trained guides and with the permission of the coastguard and should never be conducted without these.

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