Best Culinary Lisbon restaurants suitable for groups and events

As we provide group travel services to Portugal  this article attempts to help large groups find the perfect restaurants for their events in Lisbon. For  personalized help please contact us.

Why Lisbon for groups?

Lisbon is a popular destination for groups  of all types, corporate or private. Its relatively low priced / high quality restaurants being just one of the reasons.
However for larger groups spaces tend to get tight quite fast.

It is  a city build on the remnants of a medieval past that determines much of its modern character.
Small winding streets that climb the hills it was founded on, narrow thick walled buildings build in a time when housing formats where relatively small in comparison to modern standards.
Erected to protect against heat, winter cold and heavy storms, small spaces, few windows and thick walls where the standard.
This created much of Lisbon’s architectural beauty and appeal that luckily we can appreciate to this day.

However this has limited the possibility for large restaurants. Specifically in the center of Lisbon, finding a restaurant that can accommodate your group can be a challenge.

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Ferroviario rooftop bar & restaurant Lisbon

Some of our best picks in Lisbon in various budgets!



The Largo restaurant

Largo restaurant Chiado

The Largo restaurant, A modern gourmet concept set in a monumental historical building. Largo restaurant is mostly known for its excellent trendy Gourmet food and pleasant ambiance.
The price/quality balance is exceptional.
Largo restaurant has become a trend setting gourmet restaurant that is helping to redefine the traditional Portuguese cuisine.
Traditional Portuguese cuisine is combined with Mediterranean influence to create innovative new dishes all about taste and beauty.

Largo restaurant can fit groups of up to 140 pax

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KAIS restaurant

Restaurante Kais, Lisboa

Housed in a late XIX century old warehouse on the docks of the Tagus river, this restaurant displays much of the new Lisbon, when it comes to modern innovation.   The warehouse was fully recovered and modernized but its main theme keeps its old character fully intact and concentrates on what the building was originally established for the generation of electricity of the Lisbon trams.
Slightly more pricey than the average, its well worth the experience for those with the right budget.
Kais restaurant has a capacity of up to 400 people.

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Adega do Kais

Adega do Kais

Adega do Kais is the more accessible brother of the Kais restaurant and perfectly suited for a smaller budget for groups off up to 210 pax. With group menus prized around 40 Euro including couvert, drinks and 3 courses.

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Monte Mar restaurant

Monte Mar restaurant Lisbon

Opened after the Monte Mar restaurant proved an amazing success in Cascais, this restaurant counts as among the top sea food restaurants in Lisbon. Again slightly more pricey than the Lisbon average but still with an incredibly high price / quality balance when compared on a European scale.
The restaurant has a capacity off up to 300 lunches or dinners, a large outdoor terrace right on the Tagus boulevard and a private event space for events.

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Doca Peixe

Doca Peixe Alcantara, Lisbon

Doca Peixe is a restaurant that has earned itself a much deserved name as one of the best fish restaurants in Lisbon. Fish is bought fresh daily and the customer can walk into this restaurant and choose the fish they want to eat. For groups they provide group menus based on these ingredients and they have 3 areas available in the restaurant each with its own ambiance. The views over the marina and its boats combine perfectly with the  flavors served.The maximum group size is 130 pax.

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DOC COD restaurant, Lisbon

COD DOC just steps away from the Doca Peixe is a new restaurant by the same owners, Its concept is much like the Doca Peixe concept but the main theme is Portuguese style grilled fish and meats. The restaurant has a maximum capacity of 230 pax spread over 2 rooms.

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Restaurant Feitoria, Michelin starred excellence

Feitoria restaurant, Lisbon

For those who really want their dinner to be a Michelin starred event, the restaurant Feitoria gives an excellent location.
With a capacity of 130 pax it can handle reasonably large groups for private events and occasions.
Here traditional Portuguese gastronomy discovers and blends with the more exotic cuisines of the world to create innovative tasting menu’s.

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Espaco Lisboa

espaco Lisboa

” Those who descend the seven hills and head toward the Tagus, discover the new effervescence of the city where restaurants, cafes and bars had invaded this area of Lisbon.

Continuing on to the Maritime Terminal of Alcântara, full of paintings by Almada Negreiros, we know that we are in a gallant part of the city where small houses from the end of the century come to view.”

Espaco Lisboa has existed for 17 years and is a restaurant that combines luxury with great food. It has a sophisticated atmosphere that refers to Alcantara’s maritime roots, It has a capacity of up to 230 pax.

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Bica do Sapato

MAX CAPACITY: 300 / 2 rooms

Bica do Sapato restaurant, Lisbon

This trendy super hip restaurant set right in the center of Lisbon overlooking the docs is partly owned by John Malkovich. All about fusion food downstairs and sushi upstairs, its an experience of hip Lisbon thats fits any event. This design aware restaurant is walled entirely with glass giving amazing views over the docs and river in front, for summers its an airy terrace.

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1300 Taberna LX Factory Lisbon
And last but not least, an innovative new comer in the area of modern restaurants, Taberna 1300. Located in the trendy LX Factory of Alcantara, this restaurant handles groups of up to 160. The ambiance is that of a modern warehouse space filled with nostalgia and personal touches. A perfect location for those who like something different!
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Restaurant Zambeze

zambeze mozambique Portuguese restaurant Lisbon

The Zambeze Restaurant rediscovers the best gastronomic tradition from the Beira Region, merging it with the surprising intense flavours of Mozambique. Located in the historic centre of Lisbon, between the “Largo do Caldas” and the “S. Jorge Castle”, the Zambeze enjoys a superb view over the Downtown Lisbon and the Tagus River.

with a capacity of 200 this restaurant is perfect for large gatherings and events
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