Horse Riding tours and experiences, Ria Formosa, Outeiro, Algarve

Pinetrees horse ridsing stables are situated in the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve The terrain has sandy soil making good surfaces for the horses. The majority of the riding passes though forest, with an abundance of wild herbs such as thyme, rosemary and the curry plant. Riding in this surrounding provides you with the amzing site of pine tree, cork trees with their fibrant orange colours, the smells of thyme, eucalyptus and orange blossoms.

Spring comes early to the Algarve and the woods are a spread of colour with wild flowers. May to September is hot and dry till the Autumn rains start and everything becomes green and fresh again. Winter weather is perfect for horse riders and rain rarely stops play!

Since safety as well as your enjoyment is our prime concern, initial assessment for the right level of ride and choice of the right horse for you is important.

Rusty riders are advised to take a refresher lesson first.

Rider Definitions

Which level are you? When you reserve please mention your level, height and weight so we can provide you with the right horse and activity,

The nature walk is a wonderful way for beginner riders to enjoy the countryside on horseback, on the safety of a lead rein if required.
50€/1 hr
Any Level

Enjoy a ride in the forest, on the lead rein if required. Ideal for children, from 4 years old, who have already ridden before and established their basic position and balance on the flat ground of the arena. (parents may ride too!).
30€/30 mins
Nature Walks


Ride directly into the forest. Enjoy a walk and trot along sandy trails. Notice the fragrance of the herbs – rosemary thyme and french lavender. For rusty or nervous riders it is best to start with the special and build your rapport with the horse.
45€/1 hr

For experienced riders there are various options available

Explore the Algarve countryside for hack level riders who ride regularly and are therefore riding fit. Rides south head through the forest to the beach area of dunes and lagoons and cool breezes off the Atlantic. Areas north have longer and flatter tracks for trotting and cantering. Heading east to Ludo valley we find orange groves, watercress farms . Westwards brings us to the Trafal farm land and beach area.
80€/2 hrs



These rides are highly popular. Family and friends can meet up with the riders for the picnic supper on a tree covered hillside overlooking the dunes and ocean.

The ride is of 2,5 hours duration, but the picnic break in between makes it not too tiring for rusty riders of hack level.

For all you non riders picnic will be 20 euros
100€/2.5 hrs

For more information and reservation please inquire

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