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Note* Due to some dissent with the new owners of the Jet boat and their customer support policies that we find unacceptable and below the expected standard for our customers, we have decided not to work with Jet boat Porto at this time, for groups we have a better alternative with a company that also provides Jet boats in Porto, however at this time we cannot take individual reservations. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this!

Jet boat in the wonderful Douro river right in the centre of Porto, The marina of Freixo
Jet boat Porto is the best place to experience the enervating experience of boating in a state of the art jet boat! Jet boating was invented Bill Hamilton, who wanted a swift fast way of boating through the shallow waters on his land. He devised the revolutionary internal impeller which provided through its design propulsion and maneuverability.
“In this way, Bill Hamilton overcame the problem of propellers striking rocks in this kind of waters. In fact, Hamilton’s jetboats can navigate on only 10cm of draft and perform amazing exercises, such as, from full speed, be reversed and brought to a stop within little more than their own length, known as a “crash stop”, or the well known Hamilton turn or “jet spin” – a flat and very quick spin within the boat’s own length. ”
In 1953 the jet boat was officially born and in 1964 the forerunners of the Shotover Jet began running the first commercial trips on the Shotover River near Queenstown.
In 1970, Shotover Jet came into being and this company has collectively over 70 years of jet boating history.

In Porto now you can experience this exciting vast way of manoeuvring the water in the marina of Freixo, right in the centre of Porto in the Douro river.
Jet boating run by our innovative partner at Go Discover Portugal is becoming a very popular extreme way of flying in a water jet!

Prices are per person and groups can request custom pricing and custom events.

(Introduction to jetboating – 15 minutes )

Adults 16+ …….. 25,50 €
Children 8-16 …… 20,50 €

Jetboat extreme – 25 minutes )

Adults 16+ …….. 35,50 €
Children 8-16 …… 25,50 €

Including Life vest and instructor

Photo´s provided by the TV serie The Bachelor, Romania, who Go Discover Portugal was happy to mediate in this activity!

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