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Kais restaurant, Lisbon

Kais restaurant, Lisbon

Restaurant Kais, Lisbon is housed in a late XIX century old warehouse on the docks of the Tagus river. The warehouse was fully recovered and modernized but its main theme keeps its old character fully intact and concentrates on what the building was originally established for the generation of electricity of the Lisbon trams.

At the hands of the very famous interior decorator, Maria Jose Salavisa and the architect Otto Wagner, a space was created in which the actual structure and materials used to construct the building remain visible, the more than one thousand year old olive trees remain to remind us of the past, the water that flows frm the fountain to the river, remind of Lisbon’s connection to the sea and the large windows leave a view to the sky, allowing the stars which once upon a time guided our glorious conquerors to foreign lands to now guide us.

The food served equals the ambiance of this restaurant and eating a the Kais restaurant is a must for anybody visiting Lisbon, who enjoys luxury, culinary gastronomy, professional service and amazing architecture.

This restaurant is also suitable for large groups.
For group menu’s please consult us.

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