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Lisbon by Segway tours

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Already awarded by Tripadviser for their excellence. Lisbon by Segway is a really great company and such a nice way to discover Lisbon.
Go Discover Portugal has become official partners with Lisbon by Segway tours which means you can book Segway tours straight with us using the booking form on our site or the live chat. Booking is as always free!

Lisbon by Segway is the cheapest, best and youngest Segway company situated right in the heart of Lisbon giving easy access to Lisbon’s sights, smells, sounds and ambiance on a guided Segway tour.

There are various tours available or you can choose a random tour possibility.

Available tours

Lisbon by Segway Delicious tour combines the best gastronomy of Lisbon with the best sights

This tour is all about eating and seeing the best parts and views of the city! At the end of this tour you’ll be amazed with Lisbon and full! Having tasted the best of typical Lisbon gastronomy.
The tour is 2 hours and costs 59 euro per person.
The tour includes helmets, water, beer, ice creams and pastries.. and the rest is a surprise!
The tour often takes longer but doesn’t cost more when it does. Segway wants you to come back with a smile!

Lisbon by Segway medieval tour, the castle and the medieval neighbourhood of Alfama

Discover the amazing castle of saint George with it’s magnificent view over the entire city and manoeuvre through the narrow ancient streets of Alfama. See some of the most amazing views, listen to the Alfama people singing fado on the way to do their shopping, climb the hill with ease on a Segway!

The tour is 1 hour and costs 35 euro

Helmets, water, tour guide and Segway included!

Lisbon by Segway Sailor Tour, Belem and the river

Lisbon by Segway toursThis tour of roughly 2 hours takes you to the monuments of the Portuguese age of discovery, close to the water it will make you feel like a sailor. Belem is a noble district with many great monuments and home of the famous Belem pastries. Included in the tour is a belem pastry from the Belem pastry factory.
The tour costs 50 euro.
Helmets, water, pastries, tour guide… and Segway included!

Lisbon by Segway hard rock beer tour, eat pasteis de bacalhua and have a great time

Lisbon by Segway toursThis tour is for everybody. If you love beer, Lisbon and Portuguese gastronomy.
There is nothing that compares to this tour anywhere else in the world, you’ll see some amazing places! manoeuvring through the Lisbon people. It includes a visit to the beer museum and hard rock cafe.

The tour is 3 hours (180 minutes) and costs 69 euro

It includes helmets, water, beer, the beer museum, Portuguese gastronomic delicacies and the only Hard Rock cafe in the world where you will eat Portuguese pasteis de bacalhau.

Lisbon by Segway ‘off the road’ adventure tour

The X2 Segway is a Segway with very large tyres making it possible to go off the road. Obviously Lisbon is a city with roads but this tour has been designed for the adventurer, if you have tried Segway i2 before you’ll be amazed with the x2 version and it’s almost like sport! This tour takes you up and down narrow streets and big hills, through parks and sideways. This tour is fast and fun!
40 euros/60 min
Including helmets, water, tour guide and x2 Segway!

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