Lisbon Electrical car Tours

[tab name=”info”]Lisbon Electrical car Tours is the healthy, environmentally safe way to tour Lisbon in an electrical car for 2 with predefined routes that show you the beauty of Lisbon in various themed tours.

Lisbon Electrical car Tours was born out of passion for the city of Lisbon with it’s narrow medieval streets and it’s mountainous landscape the fully electrical cars are the perfect way to travel and see Lisbon sites. During the tour you will be accompanied by a GPS audio guide which will guide you through the city by pointing out it’s highlight, background information and curiosities.

The tours available are
The Moorish tour
Our Moorish tour will allow you to discover the old town of Lisbon. The ancient Castle, its history and fate, as well as the many viewing points (miradores) around Alfama and Graca, make this essential for anyone who wants to get to know the old Lisbon.
price: € 34
estimated time: 90 min
Cost of each additional hour: €15 (VAT Inc.)
The Bohemia tour
The city of Lisbon is steeped in history but it also breathes new life and comes alive late into evening and early morning. Come and discover the areas of the city that invite you to taste life differently.
price: € 52
estimated time: 120 min
capacity: 2
Cost of each additional hour: €15 (VAT Inc.)

Tour Discoveries
Portugal was a pioneer in discovering the wonders of the new world. Come with us on our Discovery tour and get to know the history of those maritime adventures that brought new cultures and tastes to Europe.
price: € 69
estimated time: 180 min
capacity: 2
Cost of each additional hour: €15 (VAT Inc.)

Free Ride
Set off on an adventure designed by you and discover Lisbon in your own way.
With the Free Ride tour there are no routes to follow or paths to find, but our GPS audio guide is always available to share with you the many stories and secrets along the way. With this tour you can discover all the surprises the city holds. It is perfect for the restless and adventurous!
price from: € 29 for one hour and € 89 for 6 hours

Cost of each additional hour: €15 (VAT Inc.)
estimated time: max 6 Horas
capacity: 2
Twizy Experience
Have you ever driven a Twizy Car? Would you like to try? Because driving a Twizy is an experience in itself. And it’s Easy! We have created the Twizy Experience for those who want to be pioneers with this fun and exciting car. The Twizy is already revolutionising the market for electric vehicles and you can be one of the first to try it with Lisbon Eco Tours.
price from: € 25 one hour to € 85 six hours

Cost of each additional hour: €15 (VAT Inc.)
estimated time: max 6 Horas
capacity: 2[/tab]

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