LX Factory, venue Lisbon

LX Factory venue, Alcantara, Lisbon
The LX Factory was established in 1846 and for many years it was the main factory in Lisbon. Producing textiles and wirings over the years the factory expanded and more building where build. 
The area covers 23,000m2 of industrial buildings, warehouses and outdoor space. 
After its demise, the factory stood empty and neglected on the docks of the Alcantara harbours until the city of Lisbon recovered it and reinvented it to be a space for culture and art.
Some 50 shops, restaurants, bars and galleries now occupy the space in a burst of lively creativity.

For events this is the perfect place to take part in the creativity in this exciting and trendy part of Lisbon. The space is suitable for congress, parties, presentations and meetings.

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