The bygone and now, rendezvous at Martim Moniz Square, Lisbon

Martim Moniz, Lisbon

One of the most famous central squares of Lisbon, the Martim Moniz was once the place where the walls of the castle bordered the outer edge of the city. 

Martim Moniz was a famous noble man who, as legend goes, saved the castle of Lisbon from Moorish occupation during the Reconquista of 1147, by offering his life as he lodged his body in the heavy castle doors disabling the Moors from closing it, giving the Christian soldiers time to arrive and reconquer the castle at the birth of the nation of Portugal.

The Martim Moniz square is named after this solder and for many years it was a slightly downtrodden neglected area in downtown Lisbon.

For a couple of years, it has been completely rehabilitated and is now a popular square for lounging. Surrounded by shops and restaurants of a multicultural character, the square is a favourite location for people from around the world. The commerce is mostly Asian and African and you will find the most authentic and excellent Asian restaurants and shops in this location. 

For events and groups there are many possibilities for meetings, team building, and events in this location

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