Mercado regional Batalha

The Mercado Regional Batalha or the regional market of Batalha is an amazing little shop right in front of the magnificent Gothic Monastery of Batalha
The Mercado regional Batalha offers regional produce, products and wines. Some of the products are locally grown fruits and vegetables, olive oils and honey as wel as regional pastries, breads and other delicatessen.

What we enjoyed most about the Mercado Regional Batalha was the salad and lunch bar. The bar offers the possibility to compose a cheap and delicious fresh lunch consisting of salads, soups, meats and daily changing menu dishes.
To keep the prices low everything is served in discardable packaging and forks and spoon can be purchased in the shop. Outside the Mercado Regional there is a terrace with comfortable seats where one can eat the purchased products with a view of the monastery.

It’s a great budget alternative for a light, healthy lunch. All the produce is prepared with great care, fresh and delicious!

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