Monserrate magical palace, venue for extraordinary events

Location: Sintra hills

In the magical UNESCO world heritage town of Sintra, the Portuguese royalty founded its summer palaces amongst the lush vegetations, flowers and mountainous landscapes overlooking the Atlantic ocean and the small town below.

The palaces are fairytale castles open to the public and most also offer magical venues for all types of events.

The Monserrate is a palace villa once the summer home of the Portuguese royalty. The style was influenced by Romanticism and Moorish revival with neo-gothic elements and both its amazing park and venue spaces make it a much loved location for romantic, corporate and dining events.

Column Room:

  • In the living room of the columns all the existing furniture will be used by the catering companies. The displacement of the same has to be done within the space existing by the catering team;
  • We have 1.60 cm round tables, square tables, rectangular tables and chairs;
  • We rent our material for payment (dishes, glasses, cutlery);
  • We guarantee the total exclusivity of the Hall of Columns throughout the day, with access to a cup also equipped with a three-phase plug delivered clean and tidy and has to be delivered under the same conditions;
  • The space will be delivered neat and clean and must be delivered under the same conditions;
  • Smoking is not allowed;
  • Can use the outdoor space, terrace;
  • The placement of sound, lights and animation is allowed;

– Column room (maximum 80 people), value of 45,00€ + 23% VAT per person, the value includes:

  • Dining room – Column Room;
  • The room has central heating;
  • Visit of the Palace;
  • Equipped support cup for catering company;
  • Furniture in the room;
  • Human Resources;
  • Stay until 00:00;
  • Mini bus (maximum 22 seats) to the Tea House

In the Music Room:

  • Only rental space inside the Palace;
  • The assembly of the room begins at 16:00, always open to the public;
  • Children are not allowed to dine;
  • No smoking, dancing, DJ placement,
  • The placement of lights, fado, music and classical animation is allowed;
  • The lateral attachments are to place the material, tables and chairs with feet properly protected, the annex on the right side can be placed the machine of the coffee always with the ground properly protected;

– Music Room (maximum 72 people) value of 60,00€ + 23% VAT per person, the price includes:

  • Location of the cocktail – Largo da Fonte;
  • Dining room – Music Room;
  • Visit of the Palace;
  • Support space for the catering company – The support room we provide for the catering company is not on the main floor, it is located on the opposite side of the room where dinner is held, on the lower floor;
  • Stay until 00:00;
  • Mini bus (maximum 22 seats) to the Tea House;

Fountain and balcony for cocktail service:

  • The placement of lighting, ambient or classical music is allowed;
  • Exterior furniture placement is allowed;
  • It is allowed to place a bar;
  • It is not allowed to place carpets or carpets;
  • It is not allowed to place tents or parasols;
  • Smoking is permitted in locations marked with an ashtray;
  • High tables (bistro) are allowed;
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