Entertaining and Exciting Murder mystery dinner – team building

Murder mystery with Go Discover Portugal

Original and different

Our murder mysteries are unique and different experiences that combine problem solving with theatre in a unique setting emerged in a fantasy world of mystery, entertainment and challenge for an excitingly original team building experience!

The setting

Your favourite restaurant, your meeting space or a location suggested by us provide the perfect surrounding for this custom made game of suspects and crimes

Your group

This team-building challenge is available at any location in Portugal for a group of minimum 50 pax and a maximum of 550. Your teams will be tasked with solving a murder mystery based on clues, suspects, and interrogation.

The themes

Fancy your teams emerging in a 20s gangster dinner, taking part in a Bollywood movie mystery or lost in an oasis in the desert with no escape unless the murderer is found, A Bohemian hippy party, a fantasy universe,  an office disappearance, or a historical saga no theme is beyond our imagination.

Captivating and assimilating

Our mysteries are enriched with theatre, dance, and visuals to create a fully integrated experience for your teams in which team members play the part of the silent spectator to the victim or even guilty party.

The experience is both emersive and challenging.

Collaboration, problem-solving, and strategy are key to a successful outcome!

Any time period, many themes!

The murder mystery has different themes and different formats depending on your group size, location, preferred era, and theme preferences.

Mystery, theatrics, atmosphere!

Our murder mysteries are original and unique and each one is different and adjusted to your group dynamics.

We include dance, music, and drama to create a lasting memory.

Who is guilty? Is it a dancer, an actor, is it the event manager or is it you? Your teams will have to figure it out by analyzing clues, watching the performances, and taking on the characters presented!

In this half-day, full-day or evening team building your teams will experience the bizarre, the mysterious, and the challenge of solving who has done it by working together in teams!

Throughout the event, clues are presented and suspects are defined as the teams are challenged to puzzle together the pieces and determine who the murderer is.

This activity promotes collaboration and problem-solving skills as the teams get to know each other in a fun, entertaining, and challenging activity as well as being entertaining and fun.

current themes are a 20s gangsters party, a Bollywood film mystery, Sherlock Holmes time travel amongst many others

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