The National hunting grounds, Tapada de Mafra, event venues

Tapada de Marfa, National hunting ground of Portugal, event venue


King João V, “the Magnanimous” (1689-1750), commissioned the construction of the Palace-Convent in the town of Mafra to meet a promise he made prior to the Queen making him heir to the throne.
This grandiose monument, built at a time of great royal prosperity resulting from the exploration of gold and diamonds in Brazil, represents a high-water mark in the Portuguese Baroque.

The National Hunting Grounds of Mafra were established in 1747 to provide the King and his Court hunting grounds for leisure as well as providing fire wood to the Convent.

The grounds cover an area of 1,187 hectares, the Royal Hunting Grounds of Mafra were entirely surrounded by a worked limestone wall across a length of 16 Km.

Ever since the 18th century and through to the declaration of the Republic, the Royal Hunting Grounds of Mafra proved a favoured site for the leisure and hunting of Portuguese monarchs even while it was during the reigns of Luís (1861-1899) and Carlos (1899-1908) that the Hunting Grounds saw their golden era as a hunting park.

After the establishment of the Portuguese Replubic, the kings hunting grounds became the National Hunting Grounds of Mafra and in usage fundamentally for either hunting or state acts of protocol.

The importance of hunting in these grounds reaches back to their very foundation in1747 and set in the beautiful landscapes of Mafra next to the impressive palace, they are still a favorite location for leisure and events.

Events at the Tapada de Mafra

Team building, lunches and business meetings, gala dinners, commemorations and fashion shows only begin the list of potential events.

Spaces available are the Great Hall up to 300 pax, Multipurpose Room ,D. Carlos Room (Only for Corporate Events), Garden, Providing a complement to the venues listed above, Garden Room or the outdoor forest areas.


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