Nature off-site events and meetings out of the city

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Close to the main airports Portugal has awe-inspiring nature and historical towns with hotels and venues to create unforgettable meetings by GD Travel Incentives

Off-site events and meetings away from the city in easy-to-get locations in Portugal provide the perfect surroundings for luxurious events close to nature. With an ever-growing offer of 4 and 5 star country hotels, the best infrastructures of Europe, and awe-inspiring nature, monuments, and local culture, Portugal has the best offer for unique and memorable meetings and events.

Within a short distance of the main airports you will find great locations to take your team outdoors away from the stuffy office atmosphere and into a surrounding of nature and beauty, Depending on the locations groups of any size can find the right space and accommodation to have this peaceful retreat.
Portugal has many of these places, just a stone’s throw away from its main airports, you can surround yourself with nature and tranquility giving the opportunity to concentrate on your meeting or conference and team.

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events and meetings in Portugal

There are many venues available where these events can take place, be it a 5-star location or a rural self-catering surrounding for any meeting of any size we can help you find the best surroundings, accommodation, meeting spaces, team building, or other activities.

Getting to Portugal

The main airports of Portugal are in Lisbon, Faro, and Porto all 3 have a range of airlines that fly directly between many destinations including many budget airlines.

The Capital

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, it has a booming tourism industry and busy infrastructure, its airport is 6km North of the center and gives easy access to the provinces of Lisbon, Leiria, and Upper Alentejo, each area has its own character and advantage, which one you choose has much to do with your demands on the event and the distance that you are willing to travel.
The Lisbon / Leiria / Upper Alentejo areas are the most diverse and fast-changing when it comes to landscape and possibilities, even though the areas have not developed even remotely as fast as the city of Lisbon, new hotels are opening their doors, accessibility has increased dramatically and many places have started to cater for a different type of tourism, be it wine, gastronomy related to golf and sports, ecological or historical awareness. Leiria is the province with the largest diversity with its many beaches, mountains, flat lands and Unesco heritage sites giving the opportunity to choose from many varying surroundings and atmospheres for your meeting.

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Serras de Aire Candeeiros

Lisbon district has many wine-related encounters in the vineyards or cellars,  nature, golf, and beaches, whereas Alentejo is the district for a typical Portugal full of olive groves, vineyards, bulls and horses, balloon flights, hiking, and rural possibilities it makes for an intimate local experience or a cultural city experience.

Places to look into

Cascais, Sintra and the Cascais Sintra natural park – 30 KM from Lisbon, this area is not remote and counts as the most expensive of Lisbon district, it is mostly known as the Riviera of Portugal, close to the capital and laden with busy beaches and more remote mountainous landscapes.

Slightly more North of Lisbon you will find the mountainous regions of Alenquer and the flatter lands of Santarem, these areas typify themselves as farming, wines, bulls, and fishing. Alenquer provides forests, remote villages, golf, river streams, and dense vegetation. Santarem consists of mainly flat land agriculture speckled with hills that are home to old monumental cities, most overlooking the wonderful Tagus River and most home at the top to an old castle or city wall.

Porta do Sol, Santarém

If you are looking for a more rural teem meeting event, Alentejo might be the place of choice slightly further from Lisbon, it is still easily accessible. It is home to the cork trees, olives groves, and wine-making quintas of a large part of Portugal, and activities are very often based on the rural aspects of this area, grape picking, bread making, and olive pressings are amongst the most popular.

The surroundings of Porto

Porto is in the North of Portugal surrounded by wild beaches and the terraced landscapes of the Douro River. Its surroundings are wetter during the winter and more rugged than the Lisbon landscapes but its immense beauty has made it a UNESCO world heritage. The flights to Porto are generally the cheapest and other things tend to be cheaper here also, although you could just as easily choose to stay in some of the most expensive and sublime of Portugal’s 5-star offers! Due to its higher lands, the surrounding of Porto provides many opportunities for adventure travel with activities around climbing, canyoning, Kayaking, and rafting, it is one of the areas most suited to real die-hard adventurers, however being the home of the most famous wines of Portugal, the Port wines and Douro wines, it is equally great for those who seek culture and beauty.
Most of its tourism takes place on the Douro River, where cruises of all sorts take you through its amazing internal landscapes.

The southern Algarve

Faro is the capital of the Algarve wildly surrounded by beaches and resorts, in the summer months it is the heart of Portuguese tourism, in the winter months it tends to be deserted and empty in most areas. Off-site events and meetings are best planned out of the high season in this area but with the scores of hotels and resorts to choose from, the Algarve could very well be your choice for your next event.

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