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In previous articles, we covered the best hotels in Lisbon for large corporate events, restaurants suitable for large group lunches and dinners and intimate boutique hotels for smaller groups.

For this article, we have gathered some of the most original locations for any event corporate or private, banquets, gala dinners, team building, team meetings, and product launches that require something different, original, and typically Portuguese.

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Lisbon has a very large selection of event venues which is making it a very popular destination for events of all types and sizes but some of the locations you may never have guessed could be used for events.

GOALISBOA All year-round rooftop venue space, Lisbon

Go A Lisboa is a new venue in Lisbon that consists of an indoor restaurant space for up to 300 guests and a rooftop for up to 800 pax and 150 on a heated terrace. The space is located in Alcantara in the center of Lisbon with fabulous views over the river, the suspended 25 Abril bridge, and the surrounding city. The terrace is ideally suited to large outdoor events, parties, dinners, cocktails, and dance but also for outdoor team building, yoga and mindfulness, lounge parties, and meetings.

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This relatively new venue consists of a restaurant, venue hall, terrace, and swimming pool ideally located on the riverfront in one of the nicest areas of Lisbon, Belem. The hall is ideally suited for medium to large events and groups of up to 800 pax. It’s a perfect location with a view over the Tagus River in a light-filled building that lends itself well to private and corporate events, gala dinners, congresses, product launches, and weddings.

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Sud Lisboa, event venue, Lisbon

Venue hotels for meetings and conferences in Lisbon

Smy business hotel, meeting & rooftop, Lisbon


LACS Conde d’Obidos

Modern co-working space. The concept aims at addressing the everchanging ways of working and living in today’s society, helping our members to reach higher levels of innovation and competitiveness, through culture and art.
This modern building with a view of the Tagus River offers various event spaces, A multipurpose room for large events, a space for smaller gatherings, and 2 meeting rooms. It also has a rooftop terrace consisting of a bar and a restaurant suitable for in and outdoor events in the center of Lisbon. Read more about Conde d’Obidos >>

The Estufa Fria municipal greenhouses

The Estufa Fria de Lisboa is one of the most important green spaces in the city. It is an authentic living museum for plants of all types. Originally thought of as a shelter for plants, the Estufa Fria de Lisboa is one of the most pleasant green spaces in the capital, where you can enjoy pleasant moments among lakes, waterfalls, streams, and statuary, and enjoy the collection of hundreds of species of different plants from all over the world that convey to their visitors a peace of mind of excellence.
It is made up of 3 main areas Cold Greenhouse, Hot Greenhouse, and Sweet Greenhouse. These greenhouses become available for events when they are closed to the public. It has a capacity for up to 1100pax in cocktail mode and up to 700pax in banquet mode and it is fast becoming one of the most popular venues for events.

Estufa Fria, Lisbon Estufa Fria, Lisbon Estufa Fria, Lisbon

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 Convento Beato

This former convent has been recovered and is a unique location for the event. Given the versatility and size of its space, the former convent can receive congresses, seminars, exhibitions, shows, weddings, and other social events.

Its geographical location, is next to the river Tagus, in a historical area of Lisbon, rich in traditions and culture. Not only does the building become attractive, but its space around it. As well as being very close to the airport and some of the city’s main train stations.

Convento do Beato Convento do Beato Convento do Beato

Information about Convento Beato >>

Casa do Alentejo

In the center of Lisbon, Casa do Alentejo is a cultural landmark. Set in a former palace, Casa do Alentejo is a much-loved restaurant, tavern, and event space for Gala dinners, dinners, and lunch with a capacity for large groups.

Casa do Alentejo, Restaurant, Lisbon Casa do Alentejo, Restaurant, Lisbon Casa do Alentejo, Restaurant, Lisbon

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Quinta das Carrafouchas

Quinta das Carrafouchas is a privately owned wine farm just 6km from the center of Lisbon. Interesting because it is the last remaining wine farm in the area as land values close to Lisbon have become too high to justify the making of wine most have vanished.
The Quinta das Carrafouchas retains the tradition and still produces its own excellent wines on the property. The Quinta has opened its doors to events both on the grounds and in certain indoor areas and is well suited to any small or large event concerning the culture of wine, wine tastings, and vineyard visits as well as cultural events in the historical wine farm and cooking events for smaller groups.

Quinta das Carrafouchas, Lisbon wine events Quinta das Carrafouchas wine events Lisbon Quinta das Carrafouchas wine events Lisbon

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Original venue ideas for a different kind of event

Suspenso event venue, Lisbon centre

Engaging & energising offsite meetings your teams will love

Pateo Alfacinha

The Pateo Alfacinha is a fully recovered original Lisbon Pateo that was the home of the noble tradespeople of Lisbon. It has been recovered with an emphasis on the people who lived there being home to their houses, church, shops, wine cellars, and social areas and is now fully fitted for events of all styles and sizes. It is possible to rent the entire patio with a capacity of up to 900 people or parts of it for smaller groups. It also has a restaurant, a function room, and fully fitted offices and is within walking distance of the Palace of Ajuda.

Pateo alfacinha event spaces Lisbon Pateo alfacinha event spaces Lisbon Pateo alfacinha event spaces Lisbon

Pateo Alfacinha >>

The Benfica football stadium

Who hasn’t heard of the most important team in Portuguese football, Benfica! In the same area Benfica, the team holds its headquarters at the impressive football stadium The stadium has many spaces and fields available for events of all types but mainly concerned with football. The spaces are up for rent for any corporate event but for the real experience, they provide football team buildings in which corporates are trained as real professional football teams before playing a real-life match with the official trainers of the Benfica team.

Benfica Football Team Building Lisbon Benfica Football Team Building Lisbon Benfica Football Team Building Lisbon

Grémio Literário, Lisbon’s cultural event venue

In the center of Lisbon’s most noble historical district of Chiado you will find the Grémio Literário, a center founded in 1846 for the sharing and preservation of culture and art in Lisbon. The center set in a small palace is a place of true beauty and nobility and has various rooms available for events of all types. with 6 indoor spaces and a large garden, it is suitable for indoor events for groups of – 80 banquet – 150 cocktails or outdoor 200 people. It also has a restaurant with banquet menus and A la Carte for smaller groups.

Grémio Literário, Lisbon event venue Grémio Literário, Lisbon event venue Grémio Literário, Lisbon event venue

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The Ministerium

The Ministerium is the most centrally located discotheque of Lisbon set on the Praca do Commercio It is the best location for parties and celebrations of all types fitted with a stage, lights, DJ, and Veejay equipment it also functions well for large group presentations, product launches, kick-off events and large meeting.

Clube Ministerium, Lisbon Clube Ministerium, Lisbon Clube Ministerium, Lisbon

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Please see below the capacity and more information about the venues mentioned.

Lisbon zoo >> small to very large events
indoor and outdoor spaces that can be combined with lunch and team buildings
Estufa fria >> Up to 1100 pax
One large glasshouse space with plants or a smaller area for up to 50 pax. Meetings, congress, banquets, cocktails
Quinta das Carrafouchas >> Small to large groups
Outdoor events, indoor in events in the manor
Pateo Alfacinha >> Large selection of small to large spaces for events of up to 900 pax Entire patio including shops, a backery, restaurant, indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, a wine cellar, church and offices
Benfica football stadium >> 40 – 60 people benfica football teambuilding many spaces for corporate eventds Various fields for sport and games, various indoor spaces for other events    
Grémio Literário


3 floors 6 meeting rooms + garden
Meetings, gatherings, banquet, cocktail for 50 – 200 pax restaurant on location    
The Ministerium >> up to 300
restaurant, bars, equipment on location

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