Casa dos Ovos Moles, pastry making workshops in Lisbon

Location: Lisbon Center, various locations

Casa dos Ovos, cooking workshops Lisbon

Casa dos Ovos  Moles in collaboration with Go Discover Portugal Pastry making workshop with one of the oldest and most established pastry makers in Lisbon.

Portugal is famous for its very large offer of traditional pastries many invented by the many convents and monasteries as a means of extra income in centuries past. These pastries have become a major part of the Portuguese heritage handed down over the centuries and cherished by most as a daily celebration of sweetness and nostalgia.

Learn the art of conventual pastry making in Lisbon!

Casa dos Ovos Moles is an established name in Lisbon for some of the best of these conventual sweets from all over Portugal. Other than just shopping, tasting and enjoying the ambiance of this lovely shops. We have collaborated to provide professional and relaxing workshops around the art of conventual pastry making.

Workshops are custom made to fit your interests and tastes and evolve around the more famous pastries of Portugal Fidalgo, Pão de ló, Queijinho do céu, Pudim Abade de Piscos, Trouxas de ovos, Pastel de nata and more but also about pastries almost forgotten and rare.

Its possbile to add a challenge to the workshops making them suitable for team building and master chef challenges.

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