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Pepe Café – bar and pastries, Tomar

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Pepe Café in Tomar is one of the oldest Cafés in Tomar, established in 1874 as the Confeitaria Tomarense. It is a typical Portuguese Pastelaria with a history and situated in one of the nicest places in the old historical centre of Tomar on the Praça da Republica.

Don’t let the ‘a little bit’ run down façade scare you away, it shows it’s history.
it is a very excellent, affordable and friendly Café with a long history in Tomar.
Both the terrace and the interior are well preserved.

They offer a selection of snacks, sandwiches and toasts and of course the typical and regional pastries that Ribatejo is famous for!
They have drinks, a very good coffee and a large selection of teas.
The staff is very helpful and all in all it’s a very nice place to take a break or socialize with friends.
It’s not a trendy Café according to our modern expectations but it’s an honest, unspoilt and comfortable place that has kept itself well intact in one of the best spots in Tomar.
Especially inside the Pepe Café you’ll see that it inherited the style of it’s own era.

The square is traffic free and kids can play here freely.

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