Positive Impact travel to Portugal – the future of better tourism

Positive impact travel to Portugal

What is positive impact travel?

Positive impact travel means to travel in such a way that it benefits you but also the country you’re visiting.

There are many ways that travel can benefit both the traveler and the country visited but the main keywords consist of sustainable travel and mutual benefit.

Precovid overtourism and budget travel, cheap flight tickets and all-in packages were a booming market for weekends away to warmer climates much of this type of tourism turned out to be not sustainable when quantity ruled over quality, post covid we hope travel will change for the better to create more fulfilling trips that build memories to last.

We expect more and more sustainable solutions to travel to evolve over the coming years as awareness grows so will demand.

Sustainable accommodation

Finding sustainable accommodation means choosing accommodation that helps the local community, supports local culture, and has little environmental impact.

In Portugal hotels are becoming more and more eco friendly and those who take the eco friendly precautions are duly awarded certification

Ways to have a more sustainable travel experience

Get involved in the local culture

Getting to know a different culture, people, habits, foods and traditions can be a very rewarding experience

Walking tours

Travel to lesser known areas

Tourism tends to concentrate on certain areas often because they have marketed themselves more successfully than other areas. Portugal has so many monuments, beaches, natural areas, villages, and towns that have remained completely unnoticed and untouched.

Ballooning in Almourol

Treat your trip as an adventure of discovery

Allow yourself to be surprised. Up until Covid many people booked the known rather than the unknown and these people may have never realized that 10km from them was the most diverse nature area, the most amazing unknown monument or the best restaurants where only locals eat or the unvisited beach. Allow yourself to get lost out of the tourist hot spot!

Hiking in Central Portugal

Support the local communities

A part of travel is to give back to the country you are visiting, there are many ways to do this for instance by visiting local restaurants, taking part in local workshops, visiting the local markets. Getting activively involved in the host community can be done in many ways some as simple as eating in a local restaurant or shopping in the local stores to taking part in harvests, learning the local language and getting to know the culture

Respect nature

respect nature. The first step to having a positive impact is to respect nature in all its beauty. Whether you are visiting a beach, a forest or park. Try always to respect the natural habitat. The flora and fauna by minimizing pollution and trash

Reforestation Team building Go Discover Portugal
Portugal reforestation team building


There are many ways to have a positive impact on travel to Portugal whether you like monuments, beaches, luxury or budget travel, nature discoveries, or city trips the possibilities are endless. Sustainable travel is rewarding to the traveler and the environment and it doesn’t take effort or sacrifice but rather enriches any travel experience by creating lasting impressions.

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