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Pousada da Porto, luxury hotel

Pousa is when a bird lands to find a short resting place before flying off again.

The Pousadas of Portugal are a group of typically and traditionally luxury hotels.

Pousadas are historical hotels located in heritage buildings with an eye for detail and history.

The Pousadas of Portugal or the Pousadas de Portugal were created by a Law passed on May 1, 1941, at the initiative of António Ferro,
The pousadas were designed to “accommodate visitors and provide them with food in accordance with the style of each region.”

The period was under the rule of the dictatorship that lasted until 1972 and the Carnation Revolution.

The first Pousada hotel to open its doors was in Elvas, Alentejo, a region that currently has the largest number of historic pousadas, and it remained open until 2012. Many others were also opening their doors and all had in common a limited number of rooms and the regional cuisine belonging to the area where they were located.

Pousada hotel Beja

In the 1950s the history element belonging to Pousadas was introduced and this was used to recover many derelict and degraded monasteries, convents, and castles

The first recovered historical Pousada hotel to be created under this new concept was the Pousada do Castelo in Obidos.

Until 2003 the Portuguese state was the owner of all the pousadas at which state it decided to privatise the Pousadas, the bulk are run by the Pestana group which has modernised many of the pousadas but has taken great caution to keep their cultural concept well protected and intact.

The Pousadas of Portugal are a group of luxury hotels spread throughout the most historical towns and areas of Portugal where accommodation is more than a bed for the night, it is a traditional Portuguese experience in some of its finest and most beautiful heritage buildings!

All Pousada hotels are on Go Discover Portugal and can be booked directly with us, we are an official representative of the Pestana group.

All the pousadas are fully equipped to handle large events, corporate meetings, or offsite events. 

The pousadas are welcoming places for all who appreciate culture, history, and luxury and are popular for weddings and celebrations.

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