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Beach at Vieira – praia de Vieira de Leiria

The beach Praia de Vieira de Leiria in the Leiria district is locally popular. It’s a long, reasonably deep beach with promenade close to the small town of Vieira.
The beach at Vieira and the village of Vieira are both famous for their traditional fishing methods and to this day they still fish in this manner.
When there are enough visitors to the town and the sea is safe enough, the boats will be brought out at 10.00 am and at roughly 14.00 pm the fisherman come back and sell the fresh fish.

This is an experience that will make beautiful memories and shows you how life close to the Portuguese shores was before modern times, equipment and laws. As well as this it keeps traditions in tact so they can passed to younger generations.

All along the promenade you’ll find restaurants, bars and café’s and on the southern part of the promenade many lovely, local and traditional fish restaurants. (Marisqueiras!) All in all a really nice town to visit or plan a great beach holiday!
The beach is also very popular with surfers