Quinta da Alcaidaria-Mór, Manor house lodging and apartments Ourem

Accommodation Quinta da Alcaidaria-Mór

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About Quinta da Alcaidaria-Mór, Manor house lodging and apartments Ourem

“Going through the cedar grove that leads to Quinta da Alcaidaria-Mór is just the first step to enter an universe full of history and tradition: the home of the Alvaiázere family. In this 17th century manor house, some pages of history have been written, from the Napoleonic Invasions to the Order of Malta. Even D. Nuno Álvares Pereira, in 1385, prayed in the small chapel that is now part of the Quinta, asking for Saint Luzia’s divine protection on his way to Aljubarrota battle where he would obtain a glorious victory. It’s a bucolic scenery of peace and quiet that in the recent years became the stage for Alexandra Lencastre and Rogério Samora, during the shooting of the Portuguese film “O Delfim”, by director Fernando Lopes

This hotel with restaurant, bar and swimming pool is 13km from Fatima and 3 from Ourem, Quinta da Alcaidaria-Mor leverages its
extraordinary historical and geographical situation and invites you to stay on its historical grounds.

Located one hour from Lisbon and two from Porto, in the centre of one of the most interesting historical and geographical districts of Portugal the quinta gives easy access to Fátima or the historical world heritage sites of Tomar, Leiria, Alcobaça and Batahla, A poetic area that fills you with historical reference and natural wonders like the dinosaur footsteps of the Serra de Aire and the Caves of Mira de Aire, Alvados and Santo António.
The beautiful beaches of neighbouring counties are also a great suggestion visit.
Very close, you can visit to the medieval castle of Ourem, placed on a high plateau above the modern town this historical town offers a fantastic view of the landscape that surrounds it. The old town is a memory of medieval Portugal and once queen Isabel’s logde gave the famous queen refuge and retreat.

History of Quinta da Alcaidaria-Mó
The property came into the family at the hand of I Baron of Alvaiázere, who received the title during the reign of King John VI (1816-1826) dedicated for medical services rendered to
Since then the house has been passed from generation to generation, having been the subject of several amendments.
It belongs to the family that lived there for roughly 400 years, but in 1984 the manor house became accommodation for those traveling to Ourem and Fatima.
The traditional atmosphere and living environment were retained and staying there, you will be surrounded by the atmosphere of noble Portugal with historical reference.
This beautiful farmhouse, has also served as the stage for Alexandra Lencastre and Rogério Samora during Shooting of the film “O Delfim” directed by Fernando Lopes.

Over 18 hectares, Quinta da Alcaidaria offers plenty of space for leisure.
The nice pool house is inevitably the meeting point and the main attraction of beautiful summer days.
Situated directly opposite the main house, is the ideal place for a good and refreshing dips in the hot weather but also a pleasant setting to rest in the days more fresh.

Apart from all this, Nuno Vasconcelos, head of the Manor house describes a series of activities that can be provided on reservation, such as: horse riding, pony and donkey rides; visits to monuments; bicycle rentals; Ping pong; football; archery; hiking the fifth, jeep ride; outdoor activity,

Also available is a room for events with capacity for 150 people.
The home

Quinta da Alcaidaria-Mor has two well marked environments. For those looking for warmth and familiarity option is to choose one of the built rooms in the main house. Spacious and comfortable, have central heating and are individually decorated.
If you are looking for is a more rural setting, then opt for the apartments. There are two T1, T2 and one
isolated house, overlooking the countryside.

In accordance ornamental, home characterized by antique furniture and objects, and also by numerous portraits of family moments, remembering at all times that we were not a hotel.

For all this and more, Quinta da Alcaidaria is a great choice for anyone looking to spend a vacation in perfect symbiosis with nature and heritage values ​​that form part.

Prices of the rooms start at 75 euro per night
Prices of Apartments at 90 euro, please inquire about actual prices! We provide you with the lowest daily available rates.

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