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Quinta da Bacalhoa, Setubal wine

When visiting Lisbon, consider a trip to Setubal just south of the river to discover some of the most impressive wine estates producing the Famous Setubal wines. One of the most impressive is the Quinta da Bacalhoa in the small town of Azetao.

The quinta consisting of vineyards, a winery, palace and museum is a perfect place to discover a large part of Portuguese culture.

Consider a visit of the Palácio da Bacalhôa and discover the setting which has the distinction of dating back to founders of the Avis dynasty.

Over the centuries, the architecture, the decor and the gardens of the Palace have been influenced by various owners, who drew inspiration from their travels across Europe, Africa and the Orient to transform the property into a rare gem.

As time has progressed, the Palácio has been beautified by Portuguese hand-painted tiles from the XV and XVI centuries evoking Moorish designs and with a lakeside house. Both inside and out, one can view unique pieces of the private art collection, passing through the gardens and vineyards to the lakeside house where the very first dated painted tile in Portugal can be found.

Combine this with a visit to ADEGA/MUSEU BACALHÔA

At Quinta da Bassaqueira you can discover a history which brings together wine, nature and art.

thematic groups expository:

“Out of Africa” is an exhibition dedicated to the Queen Ginga and three Landscape Wonders from Angola – the Dark Stones from Pungo Andongo, the Tundavala Gap and Kalandula Falls.

What a Wonderful World! It is a gateway to an atmosphere of glamor and perfection. It is being carried away by the Art Nouveau and Art Deco, is to let yourself be captivated by the euphoria of the Roaring Twenties, is to let yourself go around by the bright colors and metallic shades.

Portuguese Tiles from XVI to XX Century, used so lush and unparalleled in any European country, the tiles, which proliferated for more than five centuries in Portugal, eventually became a genuine contribution to our country’s cultural heritage and artistic world.

During the tour, take the opportunity to taste the wines and fully appreciate the pleasure which can be found in the degustation of wines.

From the tasting room, admire the tranquil scene of the Japanese garden, in which some of the works of the sculptor Niizuma are exhibited, along with a Kaki tree, the ‘great-granddaughter’ of the only tree to survive the Nagasaki bomb.

Tasting the wines can be combined with local gastronomy.
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