Quinta de Sant’Ana, events, workshops and team building

Quinta Santa'Ana, Mafra

A charming, family run wine estate Quinta de Sant’Ana is the perfect place for events of all types

The Quinta de Sant’Ana is set in the amazing landscapes of Mafra, minutes from Sintra and half an hour from north of Lisbon.

Dedicated to three activities: producing authentic and characterful wines, hosting guests  and organizing tailor-made events for an international clientèle.

Quinta de Sant’Ana is a special place, full of life. We do not rest until the vineyard is looked after, our guests are happy and the children are tucked into bed.

We consider ourselves lucky to live and work in a stunningly beautiful setting that allows us to raise our seven sons in this fascinating corner of the world. Above all, the Quinta de Sant’Ana isa family home.

Some of the activities possible are:

Visit to Vineyards and Wine Tasting

Wine tasting in the ancient cellars with Rosé, White and Red wines
…includes cheese platter, marinated olives
Hosted by a member of QSA Wine Team


…selection of our Top Wines and our Chef’s gourmet tapas
Hosted by the owner and wine producer, James FrostOlive Oil Tasting
Tasting of a selection of 5 Portuguese Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the arched cellar below the Chapel
(As a complement to our wine tastings)
The Tasting takes guests on a journey from the
North to the South of Portugal, each region reflected with the best it can offer,
highlighting the fine culture of an ancient tradition.
This is an informal tasting, accompanied by the famous Regional Mafra Bread and Fleur de Sel.
On request, a variety of Portuguese olives can enhance this experience.

Best of Portugal

Regional Cheese,
Olives & Olive Oil Tasting
(As a complement to our wine tastings)
A selection of the best regional Portuguese cheese, olives and olive oil
accompanied with our fantastic Mafra bread.
The Paul from the Northern region
The Creamy Serra Cheese from Serra da Estrela Mountains
From our region: The Saloio
From the South: The Azeitão and Nisa DOC
Other delicacies: Goat Cheese with Herbs, Fresh Cottage Cheese, Pumpkin JamTraditional Sweet & Liquor Tasting
From world famous Port, Moscatel and Madeira to Ginjinha to local varieties of liquors:
Portugal claims the best dessert and sweet wine pairings
Pasteis de Nata (Custard Tarts) | Conventual desserts | Filhoses
The Popular Cheesetarts from Sintra | the Algarve Almond marzipan
Port Wine |Moscatel de Setubal | Madeira | Ginjinha de Óbidos | Algarve Arbutus “Aguardente”
Alentejo Herbs Liquor | Azores pineapple and passion fruit liquor
And our Late Harvest Riesling

Traditional Grape Treading

(Depending on availability of grapes)
This traditional wine making technique is still done at the Quinta de Sant’Ana as we believe
it still to be the best way to gently extract flavours and colour from the grapes.
To the sounds of folkloric music it is highly entertaining and easy to keep a good rhythm,
like it has been done since centuries…
This is very entertaining and revitalizing!
Guests can jump into the “lagar” and tread the grapes with bare feet, having at their disposal
water and towels to wash before and after this physical activity.
We suggest that this activity is accompanied with life music
(for example accordion), to create an adequate atmosphere.

Wine Blending

A fun approach to the fascinating world of wine
The Idea
Promotes team spirit
Strengthens relationships between team members
Develops a sense of accountability and commitment
Develops the capacity of planning, management and leadership
Promotes creativity of the individual and the team
Keeping the focus on the wine, where the senses are more important than logic. Teams are challenged to make their own wine from single vine varieties. The characteristics of each variety will have been explained during the tasting.
Each team will have the opportunity to make their own mixture using individual proportions, until obtaining a finished product, which will be bottled and labeled.
Evaluation To evaluate the final product, a team of judges consisting of our winemaking professionals and a member of each team previously chosen – the tasting will be blind and aroma, flavour and presentation will be evaluated.
Each member of the winning team will receive a bottle of QSA wine as a prize.

FESTIVAL DA NOSSA TERRA / Festival of our land

This is an exclusive concept of Quinta de Sant’Ana (minimum 100 participants)
Inspired in our beloved Annual Festival da Nossa Terra , a big event celebrating the harvest and life,
we invite you to discover the Portuguese Soul through gastronomy, wine, music, dance, arts & crafts, by
participating in an authentic village party becoming part of the local population of our “terra”
Exclusive use of outdoor and indoor areas
All areas will be set up and decorated using hand made festive garlands, party lights, straw bales, wine
barrels as cocktail tables, burlap sacks, colourful table cloths and hand painted signs
indicating the activitiesGuests will be received by the spirited singing of a traditional folkloric dance group, singers will
accompany them to the vineyards or Family House where property owners James and Ann Frost
welcome guests with a glass of the Quinta’s wine.
As the owner and wine producer James will give guests a brief introduction to the history of the
Quinta, the story of his family and the ambitious wine project, after which guests are invited to
discover and participate in this lively Festa.

Mafra Bread Workshop & Olive Oil Tasting. Cheese Stands|
BBQ and Hog Roast | Caldo Verde | Pasteis de Nata
Wine & Lemonades Stations| Falconry Show | Tractor Rides
Filhoses | The Traditional Rice Pudding
Local Handicrafts and Pottery Fair
Cultural and Art experience at our XVII century Chapel |Folklore
Some Thoughts…
(not included – subject to availability and rates)
During Summer – June – Popular Saints Theme is a must!
During Autumn – October – Grape Treading and Roasted Chestnuts
And Big Band or Gipsy Jazz Band for the Goodbye Party!Culinary Class

Workshop of Traditional Azulejo Painting

The workshop will be held by a local artist in one of our private rooms.
This workshop gives guests an insight of the basic skills in the art of decorating tiles, using glazed tiles, brushes or sponges using valuable cobalt oxides, applying either patterns or figurative motives.
Guests can acquire the glazed tiles as a souvenir.*
All materials included
*Since the tiles must be fired at high temperatures, taking at least 24hrs, they cannot be ready for guests to take home on the day of the visit. They can be picked up at the Quinta at a later stage or even delivered to a Lisbon hotel.

Flower Workshop with Ann Frost

The owner of the Quinta, Ann Frost has a degree is Fine Arts form Florence. Colours and nature are an
essential element through Ann’s life. She is the person in charge of all flower arrangements for our
weddings and events taking place at the Quinta.
It is an amazingly pleasing experience to work with fresh flowers – it literally brings us right back to the root
of the plants and allows us to let our imaginative side take over.
The flowers become texture as well as colour and even the most daring combinations, if well balanced
can look surprisingly stunning.
This workshop starts with the selection of material, possibly during a walk through garden and vineyard,
where guests can choose their flowers and even other material they find inspiring such as cork bark, dry
grasses, exotic leaves, palms, herbs or berries etc.
Ann Frost can give participants a step by step guide on how to create a table centre or a hand tied
bouquet. She will offer tips and information on how to buy, handle and store flowers in a relaxed and
entertaining surrounding.
The idea is that participants get in touch with their creative side and surprise themselves with the result.
For groups a special dynamic can be created, with different teams having to fulfill certain tasks within
given parameters.
Of course we will serve a complimentary glass of wine – who knows, it might release some originative energies?

Work Shop of Folkloric Dancing

This activity is all about music, rhythm and laughter. A short introduction and explanation of the origins and traditions of the ‘Saloio’ folkloric dancing prepares guests for an invigorating lesson of this traditional and popular dance.
It looks difficult but is easy, tremendous fun and allows participants and bystanders to really enjoy themselves.

YOGA Experience at QSA

Learning to trust your intuition through meditation Taking a morning or an afternoon, we will be able to relax, meditate and focus. In collaboration with DeRose Method instructor Sara Garcia, we will take you on to a journey to the world
of the senses and connect with the elements, in order to achieve high performance in the tasks you set out to achieve.
The successful entrepreneur relies on facts and numbers, but what makes the difference is intuition.
Therefore, let us focus on our senses, and we start to taste a cup of chai.
Chai is an Indian tea with a variety of spices, prepared with milk and is known for invigorating and energizing effects.
The idea is to taste and to identify the different ingredients. So, keep the focus on your palate…and your intuition!
Next, we will focus on the aromas, by doing breathing exercises: blindfolded, we will smell spices, herbs, wood, grasses, etc.
Concentrate on your sense of smell, try to discern the different ingredients After that, we will get more physical!
In pairs we will practice a series of exercises to develop an awareness of our body, but also an awareness of the other person, promoting trust and synergy.
Now it is time to have fun!
After this activity, we will sit down, ground and meditate. We will be introduced into this ancient form of therapy and art and will meditate on the mantra ÔM (At the end of this session, everyone will receive a practical CD with this mantra to continue practicing at home.)QSA Menus Three Course Lunch or Dinner Menus. QSA Wines, water and espresso coffee are included.

Food & Wine Pairing

An exclusive food and wine experience where guests will be able to taste our most elaborated menus, paired with our top wines. The owners and wine producers, James and Ann Frost, will be hosting this dinner, allowing guests to share in their story, challenges and dreams; the wines will be introduced in an entertaining fashion, explaining the soul and the history behind the wines and food that chef Marco Moura has tailored for this evening.
And for a truly unforgettable moment, why not further provoke the senses and pair the Food & Wine with Music? During each course the culinary experience is enhanced by a piece of live music again reflecting the essence of the wine.
The programm:
Welcome by the owners, with a glass of QSA
Private visit to the close by vineyards and white wine tasting
Brief visit to the XVII Chapel of Sant’Ana
Visit of the Wine Cellar and red wine tasting, with cheese and marinated olives
A Portuguese Guitar as background ambiance in the cellar
Dinner at a private room (main hall, patios or the Lagar)
A Four Course Menu, where in each course, a different wine and a special piece of music to pair with.
Live band or PA system can be considered for this experience – Please consult us.

Other activities include picnics, barbecues, weddings and events.


Reservation necessary.

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