Quorum restaurant Lisbon

Location: Chiado, Lisbon

Quorum restaurant, Chiado

In 2015, Rui Silvestre, only 29 years old, becomes the youngest national chef to win a Michelin star,
in Bon Bon restaurant (Algarve).
His work is based on a language with strong bases of French technique, thus transforming
cheeky, unlikely links in exciting and flavorful dishes. He believes that local products, carefully selected, make the difference in each dish. This year he won the Chef de L’Avenir Award for International Academy of Gastronomy, which recognizes the projection and talent of promising young international level.

His route is remarkable and after several years in international restaurants (France and Switzerland) he arrives at Portugal, to Bon Bon Restaurant in Carvoeiro, with the aim of reaching the Michelin star.
Objective trajectory, objective reached: A year later Rui Silvestre and his team win a Michelin star !!!


After winning the first Michelin Star, 2015, Chef Rui Silvestre and his team have year after year coming to to regain the Star, demonstrating consistency and affirmation of his work.

One of the Chefs selected for the Chef s TAP !!! Partnership allows international projection even more the media. The annual presence in the company’s publications, as well as its dishes to be served on board, make the restaurants with the signature of Chef, points almost obligatory for tourists.
In 2017 he is awarded by the International Academy of Gastronomy, as “Chef de L’avenir”, one of the prizes with more prestige in the middle.
Incessant ambition to challenge himself, he projects Chef Rui Silvestre to even more ambitious goals.
Rui Silvestre, Hotelaria and similar, Lda was born to give voice to the new projects for the year 2018 and below.
In 2018 Quorum opened its doors under the capable cooking talents of the Chef

In Lisbon the choice fell in one of the most emblematic areas, Chiado, namely in Rua do Alecrim.
Area with high visibility and a very marked increase in traffic (especially tourist) in recent years.
two years.
In the building of the Architect Siza Vieira, in the Terraces of Bragança, the first space of the Chef is born.

Right in the heart of Lisbon, right in the heart of Alecrim street, between Cais do Sodré and Bairro Alto, the Quorum Chef Rui Silvestre’s first presence in the gastronomic panorama of the capital.

It is a space with an innovative concept for all the involvement that you want from the part of those who visit you in the creative process.

We can call it a true creative laboratory, since the client can evaluate everything that proof, through an APP, through various parameters, such as: palate, confection, harmonization, innovation and general.

It is from this involvement that the name Quorum is born. The word “quorum” means a meeting of a minimum number of for an assembly to take decisions on a particular subject. In this case, it is the creations of chef Rui Silvestre who are tested by all those who visit the restaurant.

For group menu´s, questions or reservation,please use the form below or call 00351 918354714

For questions or reservations, use the following form or call us 00351 - 918354714 / 00351 938328865
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