restaurant Cardo, Ecological food, Culinary excellence, pleasant ambiance – One of the lesser known but better restaurants in the Aveiro district

Furoudoro boutique hotel restaurant

Furadouro Boutique hotel restaurant, restaurant Cardo, is a hotel restaurant that has succeeded marvelously in putting Ecologically aware gourmet food on the Ovar menu.

Under the culinary leadership of the very talented young chef Tiago Neto  the restaurant is providing simple dishes based on the very best ingredients seasoned with fresh herbs and cooked in perfect craftmanship to provide a perfect balance of all the best that the region has on offer but also using internattional ingredients choosen with care to help redefine the Portuguese traditional kitchen.

The restaurant is light and airy, facing the beach and only 50 meters from it. It is lightly decorated with design furniture where beauty defies abundane.

A lovely table set up and a well chosen light scheme all work together to create a relaxed, non invasive and informal atmosphere that benefit the joy of eating excellent food as a social event, a romantic dinner for 2 or alone.

The restaurants menu has meat fish and vegetarian dishes, a very good selection  of excellent wines, Port and  desserts to die for .

The restaurant has a choice of 3 excellent vegetarian options.

Each dish is unique and special though some are typcal of the  Portuguese cuisine, the quality of the ingredients is rare to find in a restaurant in its price range.

All the staff at this hotel and its restaurant have followed professional education, speak various languages and are very friendly and helpfull  in their service.









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