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River cruise on the Tagus river

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Discover the wonderful Ribatejo landscape in the waters of the ‘Tajo’ (pronounced Taasjoo) river.
The Tagus river is the longest river in the Iberian peninsula, starting at Fuente de García in Spain and ending just past Lisbon, it’s lenght reaches over a 1000km.
With Promarthur you can Go discover part of the river and learn about it’s amazing flora and fauna on an all inclusive river cruise.

The cruise follows the old river road that was once the main connection between Salvaterra de Magos and Lisbon. You will see the towns Salveterra de Magos, Valada, Carterton and Azambuja.
You will discover the nature along the river and be impressed by its beauty. Your also likely to see eagles, herons, storks, bulls and the Lusitano horses living in freedom along the river

Discover the wonderful Tagus river on this relaxing river cruise

You’ll pass by the ‘Praia Doce’ (sweet beach), Palhota – a historical fishing village close to Cartaxo and Escaroupim, with stilt houses, the fishing boats, the Museum of Avieiros and also look at the island of birds …
Escaroupim (2040779165)
further up the river you will see, Valada Ribatejo.
Valada Ribatejo is a beautiful old village mostly coloured white. It has a really nice harbour with modern yachts and old fishing boats and a swimming beach.

The organizers of this trip tell us that you will also see the typical river fish fataça making acrobatic leaps above the water as they are saying “welcome to the Tagus!”
The trip is 2 hours and can be taken from 4 different ports between Lisbon and Santarém, Prices start at 20 euro per person Please check our reservation for more information.

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