Rock climbing Arrabida, Lisbon

Rock Climbing Arrabida Natural park

Rappel or rock climbing is a sport with an increasing popularity and gives you the great experience of feeling adventure and discovery.
The Arrabida natural park, a protected mountain range 30KM from Lisbon, offers all the conditions to make this sport a challenging activity, where adventure and security are granted.

This is an activity for those who like to challenge their body and mind, climbing is a stimulating and fulfilling activity. Here nature and adventure are reunited.

This activity takes place in full equipped paths in the Arrabida´s Natural Park with total security and it´s conducted by credited instructors. All the necessary equipment is provided for.

Available are climbing experience for beginners to experts in 7 trails.

For reservation or information use the form below or call 00351 918354714

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For questions or reservations, use the following form or call us 00351 - 918354714 / 00351 938328865
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