Sand Castle Team Building, Out Of The Office And On The Beach!

Location: Any sandy beach in Portugal, shore or inland

Beach event Cascais

Go Discover sand castle building as a relaxing and competitive team building on any of the Portuguese sandy beaches!

Get your teams out of the meeting and unto the beach for a team-building filled with fun and competition by Go Discover Portugal – GD Travel Incentives

We all remember the joy of being a child building a sand castle on the beach in summer. This fun activity at first a playful pastime also teaches children many basic skills, the skills of construction using natural sand mixed with water, the skills of research and finding the best location. The understanding of materials and tools. But most importantly the power of team work! When working on a sand castle you will observe children communicating, discussing, sharing tasks and brainstorming over solutions as you seldom observe them doing on any other task.

Sand castle team building is a great way to get your team out there, in a favorite location to cooperate with each other while creating a world based on your concept.

How does it work?

This activity demands planning, skill, patience, unity and teamwork.
Teams come together on the beach wearing caps and sunblock and are informed about the coming activity.
A professional experienced sand castle builders gives an introduction to techniques and tools used while he builds an example structure.
The group is divided into teams of up to 12 people.
The teams will need to brainstorm about the structure they will build, they will gather their tools and materials. (only natural available materials relevant to the area of the event)
Each member of the team will play an important role in the construction, planning and building of their castle based on collaboration and joined efforts.

The final result of the Sand castle team building with Go Discover Portugal

Voting will take place to determine the best structures based on various criteria fitting the goals of the team building. For instance awards could be given to the structure that most reflects the company theme or goal. Another could be for best team effort or most creative solution.
We will brainstorm together with you to define how this workshop best fits your expected team building result.

This activity is great for improving team effort, team communication, resilience and planning. All in a fun surrounding.

The activity includes all materials and tools used, a reader with techniques, sun caps with or without your company logo and sunblock.

Other Details

Suitable for: This activity is perfect for team building, private or corporate groups looking to better communication, work together, be creative and have fun.

Where: Any sandy beach not to busy inland or coast in Portugal and the islands

How many: Minimum 30 maximum 600

Length: 2 – 6  hours, can be combined with beach games, canyoning, kayaking or other water activities depending on location.


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