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Exaltação de Santa Cruz Mother Church

The Church of Exaltação de Santa Cruz Mother Church or the Exaltation of the Holy Cross was built in 1514 by demand of the people of the Batalha community who longed for a community church.
It was completed in 1532 in the reign of King John III (1502-1557).
The architect was Mateus Fernandes in the Manueline style of Portugal.
The Manueline style is specifically recognisable in the portal arch which is lavishly decorated with the sphere cross of the order of Christ. The order descented from the Portuguese branch of the Templar order. (see also The convent of Christ, Tomar)

The church has a longitudinal plan inside you’ll recognise various elements built over the following centuries due to restructuring and donations to the church.
the ceiling and floor where placed after the earthquake of 1858 replacing the original ceilings and floors. After the same earthquake rebuilding also resulted in the heightening of the bell tower.