Setubal wine tasting discovery

Location: Palmela, Setubal

Setubal wine discovery

Setubal wine tasting discoveries

Setubal is the province that starts just below Lisbon City on the opposite side of the river. It is a region rich in beauty, culture and history and its famous for its wines.

The wine is it mostly known for its mostly known for a the fortified Muscatel wines aged similar to the Port wines of Porto. The younger Setubal wines aged to 5 or 6 years have a distinct abricot flavor but as the wines get old they tend to gain more nut and raisin flavors.

There are ripened in oak barrels just like the Port wines and are considered the treasures of Portuguese wine.

Palmela first gained attention for its off dry white wines made from Muscat grapes harvested early but has recently turned its attention to producing dry red and white table wines.

Prize winning wines, impressive wine estates, beautiful views make this the perfect wine discovery close to Lisbon.

Visit the famous Fonseca estate and the Bacalhoa and Discover the grandeur of Portuguese wines and wine history.

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