SUP stand-up paddleboard, Cascais, Lisbon

SUP Cascais

SUP stand-up paddleboard, Cascais, Lisbon is located just a 5 minutes walk from the Cascais train station on one of the nicest beaches in the Cascais centre.

SUP or Stand-up Paddleboarding is one of the most popular new water sports of the moment. It adapted from the Hawaiian form of water transport based on standing up straight on a type of surf board and using a paddle to push oneself forward through the water. It has a very low learning curve and is easy to achieve for anybody with good mobility of any age, making it a perfect family, group or event activity.

SUP can be practised on any water that does not have waves making it perfect to practice in the sea but also on the many rivers and lakes in Portugal.
SUP Cascais has the added advantaged that it is the easiest beach to get to and located in one of the most prominent tourist towns close to Lisbon, making for a perfect discovery of both the sea and the scores of good restaurants, bars, hotel and other leisure activities available in the neighbourhood.

Paddleboarding gives you an incredible workout and is popular as a cross-training activity for skiers, snowboarders and other athletes. As you’re standing up, you also enjoy excellent views of everything that’s happening around you.

SUP cascais provides lessons for beginners and experienced, events such as bachelor, hen or provate celebrations and as a  team building activity.
It is possible to follow lessons, organize parties, practice the popular pass time of SUP yoga or take tours along the coast.


  • SUP Class

    per hour / person


  • Discounted SUP

    4 x 1 hour Classes / person

    € 85.00

  • Discounted SUP

    10 x 1 hour Classes / person

    € 200.00

  • All Rentals 1 hour

    Rentals are for either an SUP Board OR equipment (i.e. insurance, cap, wetsuit, watch, etc.)



    The #5 Special Pack can be used in various ways get 2 classes and 1 rental. Packs available at the shop or enquire



    The #10 Special Pack can be used in various ways – 11 Classes or 5 classes + 1 rental



  • SUP Tour 1



  • You will need some experience in SUP before taking the tour
    Cascais coast  1.5 hours


  • SUP Tour 2

    You will need some experience in SUP before taking the tour

    Cascais coast  2 hours


  • SUP Yoga – 1 Hour Class


  • Discounted SUP Yoga Classes – 5 Classes


  • Discounted SUP Yoga Classes – 10 Classes


For groups discounted prices may apply, please use the reservation form or call for information and custom quotes



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