Surf lessons Matosinhos Porto

Surf lessons Matosinhos

Surf lessons Matosinhos Porto on the best surfing shore close to Porto.

Learn to SURF / BODYBOARD / LONGBOARD / skimboard / SUP / WINDSURF with a fully licensed, friendly and dedicated team of instructors at any time of the year in the nicest waves that rol unto the beach of Matosinhos.


Our classes, of all types, have an essentially practical side, so at the first class, you will wear the wetsuit and learn how to catch waves and balance on the board, looking to become a real surfer! Enlist the help of a teacher is always with you to help you.
Group classes usually take place every week-ends and on holidays in the morning.
We also give other classes of this type and other individuals, both the end-of-week, as on other days and at other times by appointment. In summer there are classes every day at various times.
the facilities
We own facilities on the beach of Matosinhos. A warehouse to store the material of the School, to exchange space and keep clothes, a multipurpose room and toilet.
The rules of the lessons and rentals
We advise to carry a backpack with a towel, slippers and bathing suit.

Surf and Health
Among other benefits, the water and salty environment cleanses the body, mind and spirit. Regular practice of this sport, has a therapeutic effect, it fights obesity and diabetes. It also reduces cholesterol levels, triglycerides, uric acid and blood sugar. It also helps reduce blood pressure levels, worked as a totally natural tranquilizer.

Surf the practice of benefits in children, youth and adults
Surfing is a sport that favors symmetrical and overall development of the child and adolescent body. It is also a sport which acts favorably on community integration teenager, awakening and strengthening their social conscience and adult ecológicaContact with nature and an excellent way to relax .

Surf for all ages
Surf can be practiced at any age the minimum age to start we suggest at 7 but any there is no maximum age if you are of good health and not physically impaired you may love to learn to surf.

Want to try surf without the waves, try SUP paddlesurf!

more information? Contact us so we can pass you the full details and make your reservation easy and clear. We communicate in English, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish!

Surf lesson for two people per person.
€30,00 (pvp) for groups different prices apply please use the contact form for information.
Stand-Up-Paddle private lesson for 2 people per person. €50,00 (pvp)

Discounts for groups apply

For questions or reservations, use the following form or call us 00351 - 918354714 / 00351 938328865

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