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Taberna da Rita restaurant

Taberna da Rita restaurant in Pinheiro Grande is one of the great regional culinary restaurants on the east side of the Tagus river. Situated close to the famous horse riding capital of Portugal, Golega, Taberna da Rita is well known for it’s excellence, it’s location and it’s kitchen. It is situated in a historical village building that has always been a gathering and meeting point in the centre of the small town of Pinheiro Grande. The building is very attractive with an inside patio surrounded by the various rooms and kitchens that make the restaurant.
The food is regional and traditional and prepared in a culinary traditional manner that distinguishes it from budget restaurants.
Taberna da rita restaurant offers an extended regional wine list that’s makes for a perfect wine tasting evening surrounded by the traditional Ribatejan landscape, hospitality and culinary ambiance.

Address: Largo Bernardino José Monteiro 15, Pinheiro Grande, Santarém
Reservations are not necessary but advised especially during the busy Golega horse fair period.