Tandem Paramotor Portugal, Torres Vedras, Lisbon

Tandem Paramotor flights, Central Portugal

Tandem Paramotor Portugal, Torres Vedras, Lisbon is run by an experienced (1992) paragliding and paramotor instructor who has ended in the top 10 best paramotor pilots in many international paramotor championships, Jaoa Vecinte.
The company exists for more than 22 years organizing paragliding and paramotor courses in Central Portugal.

Tandem flights are for beginners who want to try this amazing activity. Torres Vedras is roughly 50km north of Lisbon.

Who can make the flight?

Any person with a normal psychological capacity, no imminent health problems such as heart problems or others that are worthy of alert. Disabilities, depending on the degree of disability, do not hold you back from this experience. If you are mentally healthy you can take take this, on reservation please mention details so we can prepare any special assistance if neccesary.

What is the maximum weight of the passenger?

The maximum weight is 115kg as this is within the safety margin of the equipment in the case of Paragliding and 95kg in the case of Paramotor. There is no minimum weight or height.

Flights must be booked well in advance because they are very popular. Flight depend on wind and weather conditions and these are only confirmed 2 days prior to the flight.

Where are the flights

Flight sites are always close to Torres Vedras but can be changed depending on weather conditions.

What to wear on the flight?

Anyone should bring appropriate clothing for the season and even in the summer should bring a windjacket or something warm that will not allow the wind to penetrate clothing as 15 minutes in the air close to the sea can be cold. It is also important to bring tennis or mountain-style boots. We do not fly with barefoot persons, slippers or high heels!

Who are the pilots?

We have two pilots available. The pilot is responsible instructor John Vincent with 20 years of experience and also flight Instructor Valter Tomaz.

How long is a flight?

10 to 15 minutes


&eoro; 65 per person per flight

Cost of video?

10 € for 1 person, € 7,50 per person for 2 or more people for more information about Tandem Paramotor Portugal, Torres Vedras, Lisbon contact us or use the form.

For questions or reservations, use the following form or call us 00351 - 918354714 / 00351 938328865
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